• March 17, 2022
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Ultro Plant & Equipment Awarded SANY Port Range

Ultro Plant & Equipment Awarded SANY Port Range

Presented by Ultro Plant and Equipment

Ultro Plant and Equipment (Ultro P&E) has been awarded the contract for the SANY Port range in the South and East Coast of Australia. This announcement has resulted in an extension of Ultro P&E’s Sany products to include container handlers, forklifts, lift trucks, reach stackers, and more.

Their product range has grown by 24 models, which includes primarily container handling and material handling equipment. Their first model, a SMHW48 material handler with an orange peel grab, arrived in December ready for sale. 

“This partnership identified limited suppliers in the market,” says Robert Camilleri, Manager Product Development, Port Equipment.

“And with our strong pre-existing relationship with SANY, it was inevitable for us to launch their port range to the Australian Market,” he adds. “We’re excited to continue delivering their high-quality machinery to our customers.”

The Extended Sany Range

Sany Port Machinery offers a wide range of machinery for port, transport, container depot and material handling businesses internationally. And now, they offer products to the South and East Coast of Australia through Ultro P&E. 

“Our range has now grown substantially, which is very exciting for our customers,” says Robert.

The new range extension includes:

  • Empty container handlers (including electric models)
  • Forklift / Top lift trucks
  • Reach stackers (including two electric models)
  • Electric terminal tractors
  • Telehandlers (VIC only)
  • Material handlers (VIC only)

Robert says customers can rest easy knowing Ultro P&E is backed by a fully equipped workshop to assist with their ongoing machinery needs.

“After sales service is very important to us [Ultro P&E] which is why it’s great to have our fully equipped workshop in our Pakenham dealership. This workshop has everything from maintenance and parts through to field service capabilities and a technical support team for machine servicing,” says Robert.

If you’re looking for quality equipment and reliable service, talk to the team at Ultro Plant & Equipment today.

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