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Want to Win Some Top of the Line Metalworking Machines?

Want to Win Some Top of the Line Metalworking Machines?

Since you’re here, we’re going to assume your answer is “yes”. In which case, you are in the right place. Thanks to the generous crew at Asset Plant, Machines4U will be giving away a Steelmaster lathe and milling machine package at the 2017 Austech Expo.

Austech is Australia’s biggest machine tools expo and it is barely a breath away. The event goes from Tuesday the 9th to Friday the 12th of May and, at midday on the last day, Machines4U and Asset Plant will be getting the barrel rolling and drawing the lucky winner.

Machines4u competition barrel

We’re just coming off the back of our awesome Mahindra giveaway at the Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo and are stoked be offering another amazing prize to our customers. We couldn’t do this alone and are thankful to our partners in this enterprise, Asset Plant, for their generous spirit.

What we love about Asset Plant

The Asset Plant team are generous souls in more way than one. They are proud owners of the Steelmaster brand which is completely unique within the metalworking world. Because Asset Plant supply direct to their customers, they take note of every thought and desire expressed and use them to create machines tailored to even the tiniest need.

Along with providing quality machines, Asset Plant is well known for their caring service department. They offer onsite machine rehab and you can also arrange a personally tailored, preventative maintenance schedule with them. This is like a beefed up version of regular servicing and makes it unlikely you’ll ever have to worry about repairs.

It’s pretty damn sweet to know, if you win the machines, you’ll be well taken care of by the very people who designed and manufactured them.

The Steelmaster machines that could be yours

Ever the practical thinker, Asset Plant owner, Dave Tucker, explained he couldn’t really give away one machine without the other.

“They are the brother and sister of engineering machinery. Without one you couldn’t complete the full machining applications required.”

Check out the videos below for a detailed exploration of each machine, its features, and the special touches Asset Plant added for their customers.

The Steelmaster Lathe

Standout features of the Steelmaster lathe:

  • Slide out chrome handle for the swarf tray;
  • LED worklight;
  • Newly designed headstock;
  • Rear spindle spider (provides rigidity, reliability and accuracy with long shaft work);
  • 3 and 4 jaw chucks;
  • Jog button;

The Steelmaster milling machine

Here’s a breakdown of all the features:

  • A large t slotted work table;
  • Dovetail guide;
  • LED worklight (low power but brighter light);
  • Swivel head;
  • 4 MT Spindle;
  • Perspex limits which activate the safety guard;
  • Heavy-duty, die cast handles.

And the special extras that make it truly deluxe:

  • Coolant;
  • 3-axis Easson digital readout (metric and imperial);
  • Stand with work cabinet;
  • Metal tool box;
  • A machine designed from user feedback.

How can you win these spectacular machines?

If you’re getting along to the Austech expo, you can come visit us at our stand, have a chat, and get your entry in the draw. If you can’t make it (or don’t have the patience to wait), click the button below to get yourself securely in the running right away. Good luck!

Click here to Enter

Want to Win Some Top of the Line Metalworking Machines?
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Want to Win Some Top of the Line Metalworking Machines?
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