• May 22, 2017
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Price-Tag on Yawei’s Latest Fibre Laser CNC Turning Heads at Austech 2017

Price-Tag on Yawei’s Latest Fibre Laser CNC Turning Heads at Austech 2017

A standout piece at Austech 2017, Applied Machinery launched Yawei’s HLF Series premium laser cutting system into the Australian Market. We were able to speak with Daniel Fisher, Marketing Manager for Applied Machinery, to discuss Yawei’s newest machine.

The HLF Series utilises the latest technology to hit the laser cutting industry, Fibre Optics, and according to Mr Fisher, it’s only a matter of time before Fibre Optic Lasers trump their C02 predecessors. 

“C02 lasers have generally been considered better options for thick plates, though technological advancements have seen increased capacity of fibre laser resonators and the gap is narrowing. Production machines running 6kW, 8kW, 10kW and greater capacities now exist in the market.”

In most conditions, Fibre Optic lasers are capable of cutting up to mid thickness material much faster than traditional C02 lasers. The ‘narrower wavelength laser light is more quickly absorbed by the material being cut. This allows for more rapid movements of the cutting head, whilst still maintaining the precision and quality of cut’.

On top of this, the overall operating costs are also significantly lowered with Fiber Optic CNC machines, as its sheer increase in speed plays a role in lowering cost per part.

Operation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced when compared to C02 lasers thanks to lower power and gas consumption, along with a dramatic decrease in serviceable parts,mostly in the optics and resonator.

Designed as a solution for just about any 2D application, Yawei has set their CNC’s performance and quality to match that of their European or Japanese counterparts. All whilst keeping their machine at a lower total cost.


Utilising their technology partnership with Prima Laser and granted with the advantage of operating out of Jiangsu, China. Yawei is able to use their local manufacturing resources and put more focus into quality parts.

“[our] price tag represents exceptional value in the market. Savings can be as much as 30%, 40%, or even 50% from the price tag you’d find on a similar spec machine from other widely recognised European & Japanese manufacturers.”

That being said, should consumers be worried about the negative conception of quality that’s often associated with parts and machines coming out of the Asian market? According to Mr Fisher, There is “made in China” and there is “made in Yawei” and they are two very different things’.

“We encourage our customers to visit the factory if they are apprehensive in any way about a machine from Yawei… Applied has been representing Yawei in the Australian market for well over 10 years and we, along with our customers, couldn’t be happier with their offerings” He said. 

In fact, Mr Fisher outlined during our interview, that the HLF series is equipped with a full complement of premium components. These being in, what some might consider, the areas that matter most: its laser technology, cutting head and control system.

 “IPG is widely recognised as industry leaders in fibre laser technology and you’ll find their resonators powering many leading fibre lasers from premium manufacturers including Bystronic and Mitsubishi, along with Yawei.

The Precitec autofocus cutting head is a piece of precision Germany engineering, and you’d struggle to find a better control system than the Siemens 840D.

When you look at the quality of the cut parts, the speed of processing and the backup service you’ll get from Applied and Yawei, I’d challenge anyone to find a reason not to seriously consider the Yawei HLF series high-speed fibre laser cutting machine.”

Yawei’s 4kW, Fibre Optic Laser cutter was on full display during the expo and their showcase would prove to have paid off, with the team reporting that their entry level machine sold straight off the stand. Proving to be one of the more popular stands among visitors, it might be safe to say, Daniel and his team at Applied Machinery have a busy year ahead, after their successful exhibition at Austech 2017.


Price-Tag on Yawei's Latest Fibre Laser CNC Turning Heads at Austech 2017
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Price-Tag on Yawei's Latest Fibre Laser CNC Turning Heads at Austech 2017
It's equipped with the latest in Fiber Optics technology and an uncommonly low price-tag. Find out why Yawei's latest machine is set to dominate the market.
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