Advance is a Chinese state-owned brand that specialises in the supply of agricultural tyres, ORT radial tyres, and bias tyres. They are under the Guizhou Tyre Co. LTD, one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of tires that was founded in 1958 in Shanghai. All Advance's products meet the American NHTSA DOT, ISO9001, and ISO14001 standards, so you can be rest assured that they are safe and of high quality.

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Advance Concrete Batch Plant
Advance D300 4.5:1
New Gearboxes & Drives
Advance T300 6:1
New Gearboxes & Drives
Advance MV100A 1.62:1
New Gearboxes & Drives
Advance 4 x Skid Steer Tubeless Heavy Duty Tyres 1
Used Earthmover Tyres
Advance Auto Load Vertical Cartoner
Used Carton Sealing Machine
Advance Flow Wrapper (Under Feed)
Used Flow Wrappers
Advance SP6DS - Flow Wrapper (HFFS)
Used Flow Wrappers
Advance SP6DS - Flow Wrapper (HFFS)
Used Flow Wrappers
Advance - Horizontal Flow Wrapper (Inverse)
Used Flow Wrappers
Advance 4000B sweeper
Used Sweepers
Advance Generator 16kw Australian manufactured
Used Portable Generators
Advance 14.9-24 R-1
New Agricultural Tyres
Advance 1200-24 L-4S
New Earthmover Tyres

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