Staunch Machinery L.T.D. is a manufacturing brand under the AL-Nahda Industrial Group that distributes a wide range of products such as concrete mixers, asphalt cutters, dumpers, lighting towers, scaffolding. The company also develops and sells top quality standby generator sets and diesel compressors, catering to the field of power and energy generation, with Staunch Power Generation, their latest division. Staunch has grown exponentially and are now considered as one of the top companies in the industry in Middle East, North Africa, and Australia.

Staunch Stand By Generator
Staunch FY30B
Staunch STMSC B-36
New Diesel Compressor
Staunch Perkins 185CFM Mobile Air Compressor
New Diesel Compressor
Staunch 3WZ-2700A
New High Pressure Water Cleaners
Staunch Tamping Rammer STR
New Rollers & Compactors
Staunch Power Trowel SPT36L
New Concrete Equipment
Staunch CSC200-4 Scarifer
New Grader
Staunch STG-100 Floor Polishing
New Concrete Equipment
Staunch Yanmar STYG13 Generator
New Power Converter
Staunch Perkins STPG60
New Prime Generator
Staunch Yanmar STYG35
New Standby Generators
Staunch Yanmar STYG9
New Standby Generators
Staunch Yanmar STYG13
New Standby Generators
Staunch Yanmar YD45
New Standby Generators

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200KVA Staunch Generator ( Powered By John Deere )
Industrial Generators
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STAUNCH Yanmar STYG7.5 Generator
Industrial Generators
New | $9,449