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Wadkin XE220 Timber Moulder
Wadkin XE220 Timber Moulder
Wadkin Thicknesser -
Wadkin Superfine 500mm Heavy Duty Planer
Wadkin Rip Saw - 3 phase motor
Used Joinery Tools
Wadkin Planer Bursgreen Super 400
Used Planer Jointer
Wadkin FBN 180 Planer Moulder (6 Head)
Used FourSider/Moulder
Wadkin 7 Head Spindle Moulder
Used Spindle Moulder
Wadkin Straight Line Edger
Wadkin Straight line edger
Used Floor Sander
Wadkin Bursgreen Radial Arm Saw
Used Radial Arm Saws
Wadkin Single End Tenoner
Wadkin Chain and Chisel Mortiser
Wadkin heavy duty rip saw for sale
Used Rip & Table Saws
Wadkin Multi Ripsaw heavy duty machine in good order built in the UK mid 80s

"Very Good"

Equipment Sold: Wadkin Wood moulder 5 head
Location: VIC


Equipment Sold: Wadkin wadkin straight knife grinder
Location: VIC

"good stuff "

Equipment Sold: Wadkin Wadkin Bursgreen Docking saw 3 phase Docking Saws
Location: VIC

"Thanks folks!"

Equipment Sold: Wadkin WADKIN VISAGE Profile knife grinder FourSider/Moulder
Location: QLD

"Very happy,thanks!"

Equipment Sold: Wadkin WADKIN PLANER/JOINTER Planer Jointer
Location: NSW


Equipment Sold: Wadkin Used Sliding Panel Saw Panel Saw
Location: WA

"Easy to use! Would do so again."

Equipment Sold: Wadkin Wadkin PP Dimension Table Saw Rip & Table Saws
Location: NSW


Equipment Sold: Wadkin Wadkin Multi Rip Saw Rip & Table Saws
Location: WA

"Good site!"

Equipment Sold: Wadkin wadkin panel saw Panel Saw
Location: VIC


Equipment Sold: Wadkin Wadkin moulder Planer Jointer
Location: NSW

"Prompt sale! Sold for more than I expected for the machine."

Equipment Sold: Wadkin Wadkin T5 Bursgreen Thicknesser Thicknesser
Location: SA

"Good way to sell."

Equipment Sold: Wadkin Wadkin 600mm thicknesser Thicknesser
Location: QLD

"I was surprised to have received such a great response for the advert - great site highly recommended!"

Equipment Sold: Wadkin Wadkin DR Band Saw Band Saw
Location: NSW

"Great site!"

Equipment Sold: Wadkin Used Wadkin Chain and Chisel Mortiser Mortiser
Location: NSW

"It is pretty good!"

Equipment Sold: Wadkin Wadkin Planer/Jointer in excellent condition Planer Jointer
Location: NSW

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