Freightliner Columbia CL120: The introduction

Trucks and trailers are widely used by in the cargo, courier, and transport businesses because they are specifically designed to carry heavy loads and travel long distance on a daily basis. It should be noted that regular vehicles are unable the said pounding that is why they are great additions to the marketplace. If you’re looking to invest in any of the mentioned money-making endeavors, but feel that you don’t have enough funding to purchase a new truck or trailer, going for a Freightliner Columbia CL120 from Toowoomba Truck Sales & Trailers and other sellers is a good option. What makes it a good buy, you ask? Well, there is more than one reason for this and they are elaborated below.

Freightliner Columbia CL120: Key features

Powerful yet fuel efficient engine

The CL120 is packed with an ISX 6-speed diesel engine that utilises the Interact System that can deliver up to 620 hp/20150 ft/lb. It can also deliver optimised combustion and lesser active regenerations of the after-treatment system. This then translates to improved fuel economy.

Superb transmission system

The CL120 is fitted with an Eaton Autoshift gearbox, which has an advanced shift-by-wire system that allows precise control of transmission functions and the engine itself. Also, the CL120 a solo self-adjusting clutch that is primarily used for starting and stopping, but once the truck is in motion, the Autoshift gearbox operates in the same manner as an automatic transmission, but with the fuel efficiency of a manual one.

Spacious and quiet cab

The CL120’s cab is not only spacious, it is also quiet and has fewer vibrations when in use. These advantages are essential, especially when the truck will be utilised for long hours on a daily basis because they reduce the onset of fatigue.

Great safety features

Safety is everyone’s concern; this is most true in the trucking and transportation business. The engineers, as well as the designers of Freightliner Columbia, know this that is why they made it a point that the CL120 comes with a durable cab that can withstand intense impact, engine brakes that activate when the accelerator is released, and a cruise control feature that maintains your set speed. So if you’re looking for something that values your safety and welfare, this one is the right choice.

Comfortable seats

Armed with its trademark Ezy Rider Seat, comfort is a little something that you can definitely enjoy with the CL120. With this, you can achieve a smooth ride that gives a comfortable and luxurious feel that may not achieve from other trailers. So when driving long distances, you don’t have to worry about back pain and other ailments that are associated with it.

Freightliner Columbia CL120: Price

$69,000 AUD

Freightliner Columbia CL120: Videos

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Freightliner Columbia CL120: The verdict

The 2005 Freightliner Columbia CL120 is a respectable trailer than can well compete with newer models when it comes to fuel efficiency, safety, and comfort. For sure, long drives can be more worthwhile with it because you don’t have to worry about a thing while on the road. On the other hand, as good as it can be, this vehicle still comes with a couple of drawbacks, for one, the clutch pedal on the manual transmission may be a bit annoying for individuals with a bigger show size. Also, while it comes with very comfortable Ezy Rider Seat, the benefits that it brings are sort of ruined by the seat belt since it is mounted to the B-pillar, which can be a bit uncomfortable at the time.

Despite the mentioned, say, minor drawbacks, the 2005 Freightliner Columbia CL120 is still a great investment for those who want to invest in the cargo, transport, or courier business, but lack funding.

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