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Review: 2012 Kenworth T909 Prime Mover Truck

Review: 2012 Kenworth T909 Prime Mover Truck

Kenworth T909: The Introduction

There is no doubt that truck transportation is the most widely used method of hauling freight here in Australia and since that remains to be a fact, companies all over are pressured to provide their customers trucks that would be able to withstand the tough conditions in the country. We want all of our prime movers to be able to respond accordingly to the demands of our harshest working environments without the need for any additional expense that options and accessories will entail.

Well, we are in good hands because many companies have taken on the challenge of designing and manufacturing a number of trucks that would be able to deliver top performance regardless of the conditions. Kenworth, which has been in the industry for over 90 years, is one of those that continuously invest on research and innovation to develop quality trucks that we can rely on. In today’s review, we are going to check out one of their more popular models, the 2012 T909 prime mover.

Kenworth T909: Key features

A jack of all trades

I know how much of a disappointment it is to purchase trucks again and again for a variety of applications. It is a total waste of money and hard-earned profit to acquire a number of vehicles that could only do one thing. Well, the T909 is nothing like that with its versatility to be able to handle any kind of task you need it for, whether it is for logging or livestock or pulling a single trailer or a triple road train.

Incorporated in this truck is the eight air bag AIRGLIDE suspension system that is unique to Kenworth. With that system, you can accomplish general freight or fuel haul. And finally, if you need this truck for mining, roadtrain, and other off highway applications, you get to have the six-rod KW6-60A suspension that’s not only tough and durable but also low maintenance.

Minus all the hassle

If this is your first Kenworth truck, I’m sure you’d be surprised at the way the interior is designed. Because we don’t want our drivers and our operators to feel fatigued every time they work, Kenworth designed the wrap around dash that provides easy access to the controls and the switches without the steering wheel obstructing them. Now, the driver can fully concentrate on driving.

Safe from start to finish

A European research found out that during vehicular accidents, 2/5 of drivers had difficulty seeing the pedestrian and that in Victoria, poor visibility was a factor in 65% of crashes. So in order to help lessen any occurrence of accidents, a large one-piece curved windscreen is installed to provide the driver an excellent view of the road ahead with all round visibility. But if you prefer the traditional look, you may want to opt for the available two-piece windscreen. Another way that Kenworth has offered visibility is through the daylite doors with drop-down glass sections to give that sideways vision and safety.

To deliver maximum safety assurance, Kenworth integrated the Electronic Brake Safety Systems (EBSS) into the T909. This system includes the Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) which prevents wheel lock-up when the truck is over braked. It also has the Drag Torque Control (DTC) that raises the engine revs to prevent the driven wheels from compression locking on a slippery surface, and the Automatic Traction Control (ATC) that reduces the engine power on the event of low traction by communicating with the engine ECU. Some optional safety features are also available such as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the Trailer Response Management (TRM), and the Active Cruise with Brakes (ACB).

Kenworth T909: Price

Used: $165,000 AUD ($181,500 GST Inclusive) – $199,909 AUD ($219,900 GST Inclusive)

Kenworth T909: Videos

No videos available

Kenworth T909: The verdict

Some people may consider this price range a bit on the steep side so I encourage you to visit websites online like the Brown and Hurley to find great deals. But given that, I can assure you that this truck is worth it because of its many features that also include a cooling package that minimizes engine fan cycling which is perfect for the harsh working conditions here in Australia. Kenworth is certainly able to maximize safety, comfort, and power with the T909 prime mover truck that is able to deliver quality performance consistently in any kind of application while still being able to retain its durable and tough built.

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