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Review: 2010 Scania R500 Prime Mover Truck

Review: 2010 Scania R500 Prime Mover Truck

Scania R500: The introduction

When we think about trucks or the transport industry, I’m sure one of the first names that comes to mind is Scania. Why? Well aside from their very rich heritage in manufacturing quality trucks, they are also known for integrating the latest technology to make life easier for the operators. So if you’re in the hunt for a new prime mover to add to your list of vehicles, why don’t you check out today’s review of the 2010 Scania R500 prime mover truck to see whether it fits what you’re looking for.

Scania R500: Key features

Advanced engine power

The R500 is powered by a Scania DC16 500 16Litre 90° V8 that, according to the website Brown and Hurley, can deliver a maximum of 500hp (368kW) at 1800rpm and a torque that could reach up to 2500Nm (1844ft/lb) at 1000-1400rpm. Aside from that, this R500 engine also has a Scania electronic fuel injection, a single-stage turbocharger, SCR with catalytic converter, centrifugal engine oil filter, a spin-on turbocharger oil filter, and a cartridge style fuel filter that improves fuel economy as well as meets the standards for nitrogen oxide emission. Now that’s an engine that could produce power when you need it, as you need it.

Massive fuel capacity

This prime mover truck also has a fuel capacity of up to 970L which is divided into two separate steel tank mounted on both sides of the chassis. This large capacity can definitely take you where you need to go without the need for a lot of refueling.

Standard braking system

Scania has installed electronically controlled disc brakes in this truck. It also has the Electronic Braking System (EBS) with the integrated Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and traction control to maintain control and to avoid any vehicular accidents from occurring. It also has a hill-hold to prevent it from rolling backward when driving on a steep terrain.

Luxurious interior

You will surely appreciate what the R500 has in store for them. Inside the cab, you can feel comfortable with the fully adjustable seat with lumbar support. The passenger seat can also be folded for more space when needed. Still, need more storage space? Well, you can use the center storage and a passenger table to add. But what’s the use of a table if you don’t have anything to store your food in? Great news since this truck has a refrigerator/freezer under the bunk so your food and drinks will be kept cool and fresh in your travels.

Tech installations

It won’t be a hassle anymore to manage the Cruise Control and the Dash display since both can be accessed from the steering wheel. The latter actually features the rear axle load, the hour meter, and the service and vehicle information. You also won’t have to be so bored when driving on the open road since you can turn on your AM/FM radio or CD player. If you’re not a fan of those options, you can use the AUX MP3 input installed. CB and phone electrical preparations are ready as well as a 12V outlet in the dashboard. The Fleet Management System (FMS) interface is also a standard.

Scania R500: Price

Used: $89,990 AUD ($98,989 GST Inclusive)

Scania R500: Videos

No videos available

Scania R500: The verdict

In this day and age where technological advancements are plenty and just plain outrageous, you might not consider this truck “up-to-date.” But if you think about all the necessary characteristics you need to start to grow your business, this is not a bad prime mover to have. The Scania R500’s cost is reasonable enough given the numerous standard features it has and the available options that you could add. It is simple but has a lot of room for your comfort, safety, and machine performance. The R500 could be perfect for you to increase your profit without increasing any unnecessary expenditures.

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