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Review: 2014 Iveco Powerstar 7800 Prime Mover Truck

Review: 2014 Iveco Powerstar 7800 Prime Mover Truck

Iveco Powerstar 7800: The introduction

It’s no surprise that our landscape here can be very challenging to some, if not all, drivers of any vehicle, especially large prime mover trucks. That’s why business owners usually opt to acquire trucks that could very well cope with this demanding situation. Manufacturers have also taken a step forward to provide a solution to benefit our drivers. One company that has been up for the challenge since they were established is Iveco. Today, we are going to look at one of their most renowned trucks engineered and built here in Australia with Australia’s unique and demanding conditions in mind, the 2014 Powerstar 7800 prime mover.

Iveco Powerstar 7800: Key features

Power that can sustain a long ride

A truck needs to be on the road to be profitable. Well, the 7800 is sure to keep your uptime and your performance maximized with its choice of two powerful engines: the Cummins ISX 15L Euro or the Cummins Signature 15L ADR 80/03 compliant which are both capable of optimizing fuel efficiency and adhering to emission standards. Your choice of engine can deliver up to 550hp and 1850 lb-ft of torque or 600hp and 2050 lb-ft, which means that regardless of your choice, Iveco assures you of the kind of drive that you would have every time you set out with the Powerstar.

In addition to that, all engines being offered are installed with the Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) which boosts pressure by permanently controlling the turbine speed to further increase engine and decompression engine brake performance.

An interior that feels like home

Although there are times when we want to finish a day’s work within the day, there’s just no helping it when we have to continue the drive throughout the night. Given that normal circumstance, Iveco has integrated in the Powerstar a 56″ comfort sleeper cab that already includes an inner spring mattress and privacy curtains for the bunk area. There are also a lot of storage compartments offered under both sides of the sleepers. Lockers can be found below the bunk and on the overhead console above the windscreen. Plus, there is a space provided for a small fridge under the bunk for your cold drinks.

Now, there are some options available for you in case you want to “personalize” the interior of your cab such as aerodynamic roof deflectors and cab side extenders. You can also avail of the premium sleeper cab that includes a bunk and cabinets or the executive sleeper cab that includes a bank, cabinets, and LCD flat screen for TV or DVD and an Engel fridge. I’m well aware that those options sound extremely enticing but do keep in mind that those add-ons may cost more so be sure to ask your dealer about them.

Easy accessibility and safety features

The Powerstar has wide doors that can open up to 90 degrees and give you an easier access to the truck, its steps are covered with anti-skid surfaces which also have lights that are automatically triggered when you open the door. There are also grab handles on both sides to guide you as you enter or exit the cab.

Standard as well in the Powerstar 7800 braking system is the Anti-Slip Reduction system (ASR) that prevents the wheels from slipping when you increase your speed or when you are driving on a slippery terrain to gain traction and to maintain control of the vehicle.

Iveco Powerstar 7800: Price

New: $229,000 AUD – $279,000 AUD

Iveco Powerstar 7800: Videos

No videos available

Iveco Powerstar 7800: The verdict

I am constantly amazed at how powerful the 2014 Iveco Powerstar 7800 is to take on a number of heavy duty applications such as road train, transporting livestock or timber, and other heavy haulage with its massive horsepower and chassis strength that can haul up to 140 tonnes. All its features are very necessary and commendable, although I’m sure that some of you are not so keen on its price. I do understand that concern so I would suggest that you search for dealers online like the Brown and Hurley to find great deals. But in any case, I can assure you that this prime mover is a definite must in your business.

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