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Review: 2015 HELI G Series Counterbalance Forklift Truck

Review: 2015 HELI G Series Counterbalance Forklift Truck

2015 HELI G Series Counterbalance Forklift: The Introduction

Recently, I received a message from a reader asking if I know a forklift model that is both environmentally friendly and safe to use. At first, I couldn’t think of a good brand to suggest, until I came across this forklift from HELI during a visit to a local dealer. The model was the 1.8 tonne variant of HELI’s G Series. My team had the chance to test drive it and we’re impressed to see that it offered much more than just safety and an eco-friendly design.

2015 HELI G Series Counterbalance Forklift: Key Features


The ‘Green’ Series consists of several models that use environmental-friendly components. Though they differ in load capacity and power, almost all of them still share the same features. For instance, the LPG/petrol engine. HELI’s 1.8TON variant, which is the subject of my review, incorporates a Nissan K21 motor. This meets the current EPA environmental regulation and the European EC. It as well promises to lower down vibration and noise. Additionally, given that it is LPG, you’ll know that it is cleaner and cheaper, unlike the usual gasoline and diesel.

The Nissan K21 is fuel efficient, too. Thanks to its high-efficiency hydraulic system. Now I find this model very suitable for making your operations easier and handier.


We only got to test the unit for a short time, but that’s already enough for me to discover its great performance. Impressively, the G Series gets an enhanced gradability and an increased lifting speed. We’ve tried handling bulk consumer goods during our test, and this unit was able to lift it fast to up to 4800mm high. Also, according to our dealer, its 3-stage container mast can accommodate an 1150kg load. This made me think that it is really powerful enough to withstand tough jobs.


The G Series’ mast isn’t just strong, it is reliable and low in vibration, too. Technically, it uses this buffer device that helps reduce its impact and vibration. It also takes advantage of the finite element analysis that minimises its vibration acceleration by 40 percent. Furthermore, the truck’s wide mast provides better visibility, too. This is to ensure a safe and efficient operation.


Now speaking of safety, the G Series carries safety features that you won’t see in other units. One of these features is the high strength overhead guard. Particularly, HELI is the first forklift manufacturer in China to use a profiled steel plan for overhead guards. This not only ensures security, it also provides utmost comfort to the operator. The cabin, meanwhile, sports doors. And its frame structure is robust for a safer work. This frame even complies with the latest American National Regulation requirements.

Other features include a parking brake with a safety protection device, a safety wire harness, and an increased truck stability.

2015 HELI G Series Counterbalance Forklift: Price

New: $18,200 AUD ($20,020 GST Inclusive) – Hangcha Forklift Australia

2015 HELI G Series Counterbalance Forklift: Videos

2015 HELI G Series Counterbalance Forklift: The Verdict

If you’re in the hunt for a forklift that is both eco-friendly and safe to operate, then give the HELI G Series a try. Unlike other models, this one has a great performance and an eco-friendly design, which you might need for your projects. All the features that I have mentioned above just prove that it’s the right equipment for your job at hand. I find it suitable for warehouses, factories, stations, and ports. I also think it fits applications like packaged goods transporting and bulk material lifting.

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