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Review: 2015 Liugong CLG2025H Forklift Truck

Review: 2015 Liugong CLG2025H Forklift Truck

Liugong CLG2025H: The introduction

There have been a lot of manufacturing companies that grace the market with their high-quality machines. Some of them start in the construction industry and soon branches out to encompass other sectors as well. One such brand is Liugong. They have been a premier manufacturer since the late 1950s in China but it was only fairly recently that they began engineering forklifts. So in today’s review, I’ve decided to feature a material handling equipment from this brand. And if you’re interested to find out what this company has to offer, read on as I give you my quick take on the CLG2025H forklift truck.

Liugong CLG2025H: Key features


Liugong gives their customers with a choice between LPG and diesel units. The LPG model incorporates a Nissan K21 engine with 2.1L of fuel tank capacity. In the meantime, the diesel unit makes use of the Yanmar4TNE92-HRJ engine that can deliver up to 32.8kw at 2,450rpm. This 4-cylinder engine offers a maximum torque of 140Nm at 1,700rpm. Lastly, it complies with the EPA/Euro Tier III emission standards.

Aside from those, the CLG2025H forklift truck boasts a rated capacity of 2,500kgs and a load center of 500mm. When loaded, this material handling machine can travel at 20km/h. It also has a lift speed of 0.45m/s and a lowering speed of 0.48m/s. You might think to say that there are other forklift models out there that are capable of handling heavier loads than this. That is true but it just goes to show that this certain truck is basically ideal for usage in warehouses and factories.

Easy maintenance

You can perform inspections easily with the accessible fork carriage, mast channel rollers, and bearings. The power train is easy to access as well. That is generally thanks to the clamshell engine cover, plus the “no tools” floor plate. Finally, the CLG2025H forklift features a hydraulic control that is mounted under the engine cover. This maximizes ease of maintenance which ultimately, lessens downtime, too.

Operator cabin

A major factor in increasing the productivity of any operator is to keep them comfortable. In order to do so, Liugong equipped the CLG2025H with a full-suspension seat. This is even adjustable to provide more leg room or to suit your preference. Apart from that, there is also a great reduction of vibration because of the cushion-mounted compartment. Additionally, it enhances stability whilst minimizing shock as well as engine noise.

In addition, the ergonomic placing of the hydraulic controls offers optimum comfort for the operator. Another innovative feature is the installation of an informative display. This is mounted on the tilting steer column. In essence, this provides the operator with information on the different instrumentation. These include the hour meter, fault codes, system warning, fuel level gauge, transmission and engine oil pressure, and much more.

Liugong CLG2025H: Price

New: $19,990 AUD ($21,989 GST Inclusive) – All Lift Hire Pty Ltd

Liugong CLG2025H: Videos

No videos available

Liugong CLG2025H: The verdict

As you can very well see, this forklift truck is a good investment. Aside from the obvious affordability (considering that it is brand new), it has a lot going for it. The CLG2025H is easy to operate and comfortable at the same time. It promotes productivity with its many installations. Now, I have to agree that even though it is a 2015 model, there aren’t a lot of innovative features. But that aside, this simple forklift can surely deliver top performance during operations. So if this is exactly what you need, contact your local dealer about this unit now.


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