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Review: 2016 Foton 45.110 SWB Tray Truck

Review: 2016 Foton 45.110 SWB Tray Truck

Foton 45.110 SWB: The introduction

Investing in a business requires a lot of money, but let’s face it, not all of us entrepreneurs have the luxury to acquire the best kind of equipment that we need in order to profit from our investment. The same goes for the logistics industry. It goes without saying that the transport business is one of the most profitable ones in Australia but not all are endowed with a huge budget to actually start their own firm. Good thing there are vehicles that we can purchase which deliver the same application without having to bust our bank accounts. Vehicles having a GVM of 4.5 tonnes or under are relatively cheaper compared to heavy rigid trucks and prime movers so beginning entrepreneurs all over opt to purchase lineups of these trucks to pioneer their business. In today’s review, we will feature one such vehicle: the 2016 Foton 45.110 SWB truck.

Foton 45.110 SWB: Key features

Undeniable engine performance

This truck boasts of the 2.8L Cummins ISF Euro5 engine that delivers a maximum power of 110kW at 2900rpm and torque of 360Nm at 1500rpm to 2900rpm. This 4 cylinder, 16 valve engine has a direct injection high pressure common rail system and a turbocharged and air-to-air intercooler air intake system. Ideal for light commercial vehicles, the ISF is the latest addition of Cummins to their range of engines.

The Cummins ISF incorporates the Superior Analysis Led Design which makes it the lightest and the strongest engine in the 2.78 displacement class. It not only achieves the Euro 4 emission standard through the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, but this engine also delivers the highest levels of performance and fuel economy, as well as move to Euro 5 with minimal impact on the installation. It also assures you that it can deliver top speed of up to 115km/h which makes you a winner from the get go.

Braking system

The Foton 45.110 has an auto adjusting braking system with dual circuit hydraulic control and vacuum assist. It also integrates a four-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) which provides a speed sensor and a separate valve for all four wheels to allow each wheel to be monitored by the controller to guarantee that they are achieving maximum braking force.

Top-notched specs

Installed in the SWB is the taper leaf spring front suspension and the multi-leaf main spring rear suspension with multi-leaf helper, both having the double acting telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers to make your drive a smooth one. It also makes use of an 80L aluminium alloy fuel tank that will allow you to continue the drive without regular trips to the gas station to fuel up. The steel tray is also big enough for different kinds of cargo with its length of 3655mm, width of 1900mm, and height of drop sides of 380mm.

Available instruments

Foton incorporates the electronically driven speedometer and tachometer, as well as other warning sensors such as the digital odometer with integrated dual tripmeter, the coolant temperature sensor, exhaust brake that is vacuum controlled, parking brake which is drum brake off transmission, and engine failure and ABS system failure sensors.

Foton 45.110 SWB: Price

New: $29,991 AUD ($32,990 GST Inclusive)

Foton 45.110 SWB: Videos

No videos available

Foton 45.110 SWB: The verdict

I’m sure that you’re surprised at the price of this vehicle given all the impressive features that it has. Well, that’s the beauty of car licence trucks; you get the application and the performance that you need and want without the unnecessary expenditure. There are also some additional accessories that you might want to avail such as the tow bar, the headlight protectors, and dash mat but do keep in mind that they have additional costs.

Now, it is apparent that this truck is designed to give a high quality performance so I would say that if you’re on the hunt for that light commercial truck that could bring in the profit early on in your business, then the 2016 Foton 45.110 SWB is definitely worth checking out.

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