Take a look at your listing photos. Are they clear? Can you tell it’s your photo and not the manufacturer’s? Is the machine in a showroom, workshop or in its working environment?

If you answered yes to these questions—well done! You can sit back, relax, and see more ways you can amplify your lead generation numbers.

Otherwise, don’t sweat it! Taking a quality photo doesn’t take much time or effort, especially if you have a smartphone with a camera. That’s right—you don’t need any expensive equipment. You, your machine, and your phone will do.

What Is A ‘Quality’ Photo?


Our definition of a quality photo is made up of a few different elements that have proven to get better results for sellers. This means taking a photo that includes:

  • The actual product/machine (not specs/brochure photos)
  • A clear image (not pixelated or blurry)
  • The machine/part/equipment in its worksite or showroom (this helps the buyer know it is actually in stock & available)
  • A proper background, not a white background (white backgrounds feel less authentic & impact buyers’ trust)
  • All angles of the machine/vehicle/part – including the engine, cab & attachments

Here are 3 quick reasons why you want quality photos on your listing.

1. A Quality Photo Draws Buyers In

If someone is ready to buy, they want to see your machine, not the OEM’s marketing photo. With a clear photo, you’ll capture those buyers who are ready to enquire (and who skip past all the manufacturer’s marketing photos). When it comes to you or your competitor, you’re more likely to get higher engagement from buyers and therefore, be the one they choose to get in touch.

2. Buyers Will Trust You More

You could talk about your machine ‘til you’re blue in the face, but the bottom line is—if they can’t drive out to see it, buyers are going to want the next best thing: photos and video. And if you have uploaded the same photos your buyers have seen in every machine brochure… well, the next question is, “what are they hiding?”

Eliminate that question completely with photos of your own!

3. Good Photos Help Eliminate Time-Consuming Questions

If you use photos like the one above, instead of receiving leads that are ready to buy, you’ll be receiving leads with a full list of questions. You’ll have to work much harder to convert them to customers, when all that hard work could be done by a few good photos.

Back your quality photos up with some videos and you’ll see your ad engagement skyrocket. It’s an essential combo for success in the digital world.

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