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Get More Leads From Your Machines4U Ad

Get More Leads From Your Machines4U Ad

Firstly, welcome to Machines4U! We’re here to help sell your machinery as quickly and easily as possible with our purpose-built machinery marketplace. We have some great tips to make that happen.

Think of our marketplace as a car: we supply it, but you need to drive it. Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Let’s take a look at some quick stats* and how you can ‘drive’ your ads:


Now you have an overview, take a look at our checklist to see how and why you should do the above.

Your Ad Checklist

What is important to your ideal buyer? 

The answer is: relevant, clear and quality information. The more informed your buyer is, the hotter your leads are going to get.

This is why spending as little as another 5 minutes on your ad could make a big impact on your lead generation.

Now, let’s take a look at the key areas of your ad that will put money in your pocket.

1. Add a product PDF

Uploading a product PDF (product brochures, spec sheets, etc.) to your Machines4U ad is the fastest way to get leads. Why?

Because buyers interested in your product PDF must provide their contact details to get it. All buyers who download your PDF become leads. So it makes sense to have one. 

The best part is, uploading your product PDF takes no time at all. So if you haven’t yet, make sure you add a PDF!

Find out how to upload a PDF to your ad here.

2. Add Videos

What do you do more: watch videos, or read articles?

Videos, right? They are easier to consume and require no effort to watch. It’s the same for your buyers. They want to know the condition of your machine, how it looks, what the cab’s like, how the engine sounds… and what better way to show them, than in a short, 1-minute clip?

If you want to engage your buyers and get hotter leads, adding video is a must for your ad.

Short on time? Making effective videos doesn’t have to take long. Learn how.

3. Add a Description

Your buyers are looking for fast, relevant information for their search. And they will look for it everywhere—in your videos, in your description, in your photos… you need to cover these bases to get the most from your ad.

So, what makes a “good” description? Learn more about that here, but as a general rule:

Ad Descriptions dos and donts

Click here for a full run-down and quick tips on writing the ideal ad description.

4. Set a Price (or Price Range)

As we’ve mentioned, your buyers are looking for the information they need fast. If your listing price is ‘POA’, you’ve already made it hard to buy. All this does is add an extra step for the buyer to get what they want, and let’s face it—people are lazy.

If you can, always list the item price (perhaps leave some wiggle room for negotiating) or at the very least, provide a price range.

Say a buyer sees your ad with ‘POA’, and they see another ad with a price within their budget. Are they going to ask you for a price, or just go with the other seller?

This is why you need to keep your buyers’ needs at the top of your mind. When you give them the info they need fast, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Find out more about why using POA will cost you.

5. Add Clear photos


Thanks to the camera phone, taking photos has never been easier. But not all photos are equal when it comes to selling your machinery.

Here are our main tips for taking great photos for your ad. Make sure:

  1. You include a photo of the actual product/machine (not specs photos)
  2. The photo is clear (not pixelated or blurry)
  3. The machine/part/equipment is in its worksite or showroom (this helps the buyer know it is actually in stock & available)
  4. Avoid white backgrounds (white backgrounds feel less authentic & impact buyers’ trust)
  5. You take photos of all angles of the machine/vehicle/part – including the engine, cab & attachments

Watch our walkthrough on taking great-quality photos.

That’s it! You’ve learned how you can manage your ad to generate more leads (and sell your machinery!), well done! Now it’s the ‘doing’ part.

Of course, we’re always here to help. If you have any questions about your ad, please contact us on 1300 092 545 or check out our help centre.

*Stats via Machines4U buyer data, accurate at time of publication.

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