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How To Get The Most From PDF Leads

How To Get The Most From PDF Leads

As we mention in our article, How To Handle Leads To Get The Sale, not all leads are created equal. Some leads are more qualified or ‘hotter’ than others, while others (like the PDF lead) are ‘softer’.

But that doesn’t mean that these ‘soft’ leads should be neglected. In fact, they provide great opportunities to set up a sale down the line. That is, if you’re willing to play the long game.

What Is A PDF Lead?

A ‘PDF Lead’ is what we call a buyer who has visited your Machines4U ad and downloaded your product PDF. People who download PDFs are classified as leads because they have opted to hand over their contact details to get it.

To put it simply, you must have a PDF attached to your listing to get PDF leads. We recommend uploading product PDFs for the machine you are selling (not a generalisation of the series or manufacturer). The more information you give up front, the more likely your PDF lead will want to buy.

As mentioned above, PDF leads are what we consider to be ‘soft’ leads. They’re interested in your machine/product, but are not ready to make a purchase decision just yet.


Because when it comes to the buyer’s journey, the buyer is in 1 of 3 possible stages: Awareness, Consideration or Decision.

Let’s break that down quickly.

In the above funnel, you’ll see Awareness is at the top. That’s because there are a lot more prospects in this stage of the buyer’s journey at any given time. They are doing their research, figuring out their problems and what the solution to their problems are. Most PDF leads (but not necessarily all PDF leads) will be sitting here in Awareness.

If combined with other enquiry types, such as email or a phone call, a PDF lead is probably closer to the Consideration or Decision stage (i.e. they’re more ready to buy).

How Do I Know I’ve Received a PDF Lead?

When someone downloads your PDF, you will receive an email immediately to notify you. This happens whether you’re a Machines4U member or not. Similar to phone and email enquiries, you get full contact details of your PDF lead.

Another way to check your PDF leads is in your Machines4U account dashboard (not a member? Take a look at our options here), under Stats Leads and ‘Advert Statistics’, you will find a list of all your leads. Sort them by ‘Type’ and you’ll be able to find all your PDF leads quick-smart.

Why Should I Bother With PDF Leads?

PDF leads give you a chance to be the first point of contact for these buyers. The more helpful you are now, the more likely they will come back to you later. It’s about being top of mind.

When a PDF lead comes through, that tells you the buyer is interested in learning more about your machine.

To get the most from your PDF lead, first consider if they have contacted you through any other means (did they call or have they sent you an email?). If they have, you know your chances of selling your equipment just went up.

If not, it’s a good idea to get in touch with them anyway.

Contacting PDF leads gives you an opportunity to give them a call and ask questions like:

  • Did you receive the PDF OK? Was it helpful?
  • What are you looking to do?
  • What’s the job you need machinery for?
  • Do you have any questions about the machine I can help with?
  • What are the problems you’re looking to solve?

It’s a good time to get some feedback on your Machines4U ad as well. Ask them if there was anything missing you could add to the description, etc., to help future buyers reach that decision stage faster.

Contacting A PDF Lead

The main thing to remember when contacting a PDF lead is to be as helpful as possible. It’s unlikely you’ll sell your kit to this person today. Knowing that, touch base with the lead and let them know you’re happy to help. Approach them with no sales agenda (they may be printing your PDF to show to the decision maker. So a PDF lead may be an indication they’re not the right person to sell to anyway).

This will help keep you top of mind for when they finally do reach that decision stage. While your competitors are ignoring their PDF leads, you’re planting nuggets of gold for yourself down the road.

Still have questions about PDF leads? Give us a call on 1300 092 545, check out our help centre, or take a look at our knowledge base.

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