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How To Stand Out In “Capital Equipment” Street

How To Stand Out In “Capital Equipment” Street

In this article:

  • Welcome to Excavator Street
  • The 5-Minute Trick To Create A Lead-Generating Showroom
  • Take the Machines4U Ad Health Check
  • Your Ad Score Breakdown

When you build a home, you don’t start with the roof, right? You need a solid foundation so your home will stand the test of time and function as it should.

Listing your machinery on Machines4U starts with a solid ad. Your ad will be your magic sales tool online—but only if you lay the proper foundations for it to convert.

An ad that outperforms your competitors needs 2 pillars: content and positioning. Get these right, and you’ll see results. The good news is, you can control both of these things.

So, if you’re struggling to get leads on your capital equipment ads, it could be you’ve built the roof before the foundation…

Let’s take a walk down Excavator Street to see how buyers behave and what they think when they see ads with outstanding content, and those that need a bit more work.

Welcome to Excavator Street

excavator street - where your buyers are looking!

You’re here with approx. 10,000 – 11,000 monthly buyers looking for excavators. It’s buzzing with people. They keep coming in and more importantly: they have plenty of choice. 

80% of traffic to Excavator Street is new from Google. The other 20% know Machines4U and return to check out new ads. We bring these visitors to you, and on Excavator Street you get their eyeballs—if your listing is up high enough. The top 6 ads dominate on any Capital Equipment Street. So if your ad is in the top 6, and buyers aren’t viewing it, where are they going instead?? See below for how to get your ad into the top 6.

Machines4U Excavator Ad List View "Excavator Street"

These ad listings are the first showrooms buyers see. Remember when we mentioned content as one of the 2 pillars? This is why it’s so important. Your buyers want to know:

  • The price
  • Its condition (new, used, hire, etc.)
  • Its benefits (why should they buy this excavator over another?)
  • Whether they can trust the seller (do you have a logo? Do they know your brand?)
  • Where they’re located
  • What the excavator looks like (do they have their own photos?)
  • How the excavator sounds/functions when in use (do they have a video?)

Keeping the above points in mind, let’s take a closer look at some showrooms on Excavator Street.

If you were a buyer, what would you think of this ad?


This showroom has basic information, sure, but you can’t find key pieces of info quickly:

  • There’s no listed price (how do you know if it’s in your budget?)
  • They’ve used a stock photo from a brochure (how do you know what their excavator looks like? Do they even have it onsite and in stock?)
  • There are no videos
  • The description tells you its specs, not its benefits (you could have just looked specs up online)

Now, let’s take a look at this ad.


Right away you can see:

  • They have their own photos – and plenty of them
  • They have a video
  • The price is listed and clear
  • They have a logo
  • They’ve listed their location
  • Their description mentions a few benefits and that it’s in stock

Buyers are going to be much more likely to click on this ad than the other one. And when they do, they are taken to the most important page: the advert page, or what we call the ‘converting’ page. This is where your ad does the heavy lifting to secure those leads. 


In the converting page, buyers watch the video, read the description (pretty short and easy to read), peruse their 20 photos, and perhaps even download their PDF. You can see they’re a trusted dealer and that they’re located in VIC.

This ad receives several leads.

This is exactly how the 10,000+ buyers on Excavator Street behave. This is why working on building out your ad content is so vital to your ad’s performance. 

Let’s come back to those 2 pillars, and how you can build a solid foundation for generating leads.

The 5-Minute Trick To Create A Lead-Generating Showroom

On Excavator Street (or Forklift Street, or Tractor Street, etc.), you’re up against all your competitors. You need to stand out, and the best way to do that is to make your ad IRRESISTIBLE.

Pillar 1: Content.

How to make your ad listing irresistible:

  • Upload as many photos of your machine as possible. Take one from every angle. open up the machine and show buyers everything!
  • Have a video—ads with video achieve 70% greater buyer engagement, on average. Do a walkaround. a 1-minute video will make a huge impact on your ad engagement. 
  • Make your description great. What are your buyers always asking you? Who uses the machine? What is it for? Where do they use it? Put all this into the first 4 lines of your description. Leave the specs for the PDF.
  • Have a brand logo. Unlike other marketplaces, we showcase your logo from the list view. Show buyers who you are. 
  • Display a price! POA does not do you any favours.
  • Add in your location/s so buyers can find you and help make that purchase decision.
  • Add a PDF. All buyers who download your PDFs become soft leads (more sales opportunity!).

Pillar 2: Positioning.

How to get into the Top 6 and grab your buyer’s attention to stand out:

  • Ad labels. Add a label of your choosing to your ad to showcase your difference clearly and effectively, above your competitors:


  • Become a member to take advantage of our members-only auto-boost feature to keep your ads on top.
  • Use credits to purchase top ads and hold your ad’s position so you claim the spotlight.
  • Regularly upload new ads (at no extra cost!)

Get buyers walking through your digital doors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buyers who are:

  • Viewing an average of 7-9 Machines4U listing pages, with 25 listings per page
  • Spending 9-12 minutes of their time on our platform
  • Returning for more information or to make an enquiry (avg 25-30% of all visitors)
  • Making an average of 3 enquiries each

Take a look at a Machines4U membership today and sell while you sleep.

The Essential Ad Health Check

Want to know how your ad compares to your competitors?

Click here to take a quick ad health check >>>

Your Ad Score Breakdown

0-20% Poor: Your ad could use some work. See our recommendations for turning your ad into a lead generation tool.

20-50% Good: You’re on your way to making your ad work for you. You will benefit from making a few tweaks.

50-75% Great: Your ads are close to becoming lead generators. Just a few more small changes and you’ll have see some big results!

75-100% Outstanding: Congrats, your ads are effective! To skyrocket your ad success, why not try a Top Ad?

How did you do?

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