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5 Tips To Turn Your Description Into A Lead Generator

5 Tips To Turn Your Description Into A Lead Generator

We know you’re short on time, you need your listing to be live asap to get those leads coming in. But what if we told you by taking an extra 5 minutes on your description, you could increase your ad performance by up to 50%?

You don’t even have to be an award-winning writer to do it.

Here’s how.

1. Grab The Buyer’s Attention

You have around 30 words to grab your buyer’s attention from the list view, so make them count! Start with your machine’s big point of difference.

You know your buyers better than anyone else. So ask yourself why a buyer should purchase your machine over your competitor’s? What matters to them? Focus on that and drive that point home for your opening paragraph.

2. Features Are Great, But Benefits Sell

There’s no question that your machine’s features will entice buyers, but focusing on those alone won’t give you much of an increase in leads. Instead, think about how your machine (and its features) will better their lives.

For example, a feature of your machine may be that it speeds up harvest with minimal damage to crop yield. What does that actually mean to your buyer? It means they will have more time and a more profitable harvest. Now we’re talking.

Ad Descriptions dos and donts


3. Use Bullet Lists

Bullet lists help break up your text and give your buyer a quick-view of whatever information you think is the most important.

  • Did you just skip the above paragraph to read this list?
  • If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone.
  • Most readers tend to skim read online—it’s also why you’ll want good quality photos and videos to keep their attention on your listing.
  • Bullet lists are a great way to sum up your previous paragraph OR showcase important points you don’t want your buyer to miss.

You’ll want to keep your bullet list to around 3-5 bullets, otherwise it will be too long and your reader will lose interest. A great way to use bullets would be to highlight the top 3 benefits of your machine (as we have established above).

Adding Bullets To Your Listing

Our Machines4U dashboard doesn’t yet have a ‘format’ bar (like bolding, bullets, etc.) but that doesn’t mean you can’t use bullet lists! We recommend simply adding dashes (-) to create your bullet list.

4. Format, Format, Format!

One thing we know readers hate—is one big long lump of information. So make sure you use headings, paragraphs, bullet points (as mentioned above) and make it easy for your buyers to find what they’re looking for.

Keep your description to about 200 characters (around 50-80 words). For quick reference, this paragraph has approx. 22 words, and 147 characters.  

5. More Questions Than Leads?

Are you finding buyers are reaching out to you with questions instead of an intent to buy? If you keep getting the same questions, whether over the phone or via email, answer these questions in your machine’s ad description.

This is a sure-fire way to minimise future questions of the same vein, and also save you time! Doing so will also ensure your description is helpful to future buyers, further qualifying them when they do decide they want to buy.

If you have any questions about your ad, please contact us on 1300 092 545 or check out our help centre.

*Stats via Machines4U buyer data, accurate at time of publication.

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