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John Deere Combine Harvester S Series Overview

John Deere Combine Harvester S Series Overview

The John Deere combine harvester S Series—what’s all the fuss about? With claims to help you harvest smarter using unmatched separating and rotary threshing, the S Series has a lot to deliver.

Eight models make up the S Series family, including the: S760, S770, S780, S790, S660, S670, S680 and S690. The S600 range started the original S series, while the S700 family is a new introduction from 2017, beefed up with more tech.

As a whole, the S Series combines make reaping, threshing and winnowing simple. Each machine is equipped with smart technology such as, ProDrive™, TriStream™ and CommandTouch™ to help you get the most from your harvest each and every year.

So, do these John Deere combine harvesters deliver on their promises? Let’s take a look at the key features, specs, price point, and pros and cons to find out.

S690 combine harvester

John Deere Combine Harvester S Series Key Features

The S Series combines deliver stable, consistent performance with every harvest thanks to advanced integrated technology.

A few key features of the S Series include:

  • Integrated technology
  • Large 400-bushel grain tanks
  • Active tailing system
  • Spacious premium cab
  • High-performance EvenMax cleaning system
  • Folding grain tank covers & extensions using CommandArm™ technology

The S Series single-tine separator and TriStream™ crop-flow design provides superior handling in all conditions. It also allows the machine to deliver higher levels of crop-harvesting capacity with greater grain quality. John Deere also found the perfect balance between front-end equipment and machinery power with improvements to the draper platform compatibility, which provides stability and flexibility.

S Series Specs Overview

See how the S Series models compare to one another in this specs overview:

Model HP Engine Grain Tank Size Unloading rate Total cleaning area Separator type
S760 333

9.0 L PowerTech™

10,600 L 120 L/s 5.1m² Rotary
S770 391
S780 473 13.5 L PowerTech™ 14,100 L 135 L/s 5.9m² Rotary
S790 543
S660 333 9.0 L PowerTech™ 10,600 L 120 L/s 5.1m² Rotary
S670 391
S680 473 13.5 L PowerTech™ 14,100 L 135 L/s 5.9m² Rotary
S690 543

What’s the Difference Between The S600 & S700 Series?

The John Deere combine harvester S700 builds on the proven field performance of the S600 models. With 5 years between the series releases, John Deere spent time incorporating state-of-the-art automated harvesting technology. A lot of the improvements allow operators to make adjustments on the go, which will reduce operator downtime.

The S600 series is equipped with technology, such as:

  • AutoTrac
  • TouchSet
  • HarvestSmart
  • JDLink Connect
  • ServiceADVISOR Remote
  • John Deere Machine Sync
  • Interactive Combine Adjustment

The S700 series, on the other hand, features the new Combine Advisor package, which includes:

  • VisionTrak
  • Auto Maintain
  • HarvestSmart
  • Harvest Setup
  • ActiveVision Cameras
  • Active Terrain Adjustment
  • Integrated Combine Adjust Optimise Performance Wizard

Differences In The Cab

S600 Series Cab S700 Series Cab
S670 Cab S700 Series Cab

The biggest physical difference between the S600 and S700 combine series is in the cab. The S600 was designed with easy-to-use controls, 180 degree visibility, touch CommandCenter display, premium leather or cloth interior and dual-tilt steeping with telescoping controls.

By comparison, the S700 features redesigned CommandArm technology with a new 4600 intuitive display, premium leather or cloth interior, improved ventilation and ergonomic seat positioning, as well as grain tank mirrors for improved visibility of the grain tank.

You can find more detailed specs for the S600 models here, and the S700 models here.

John Deere S Series Price

Machines4U data shows that used John Deere combine harvester S600 models go for anywhere from $85,000 to $500,000. The prices vary depending on the model, age and usage of the machine. As the S700 models are still new to the market they come at a much higher price with used machines ranging from $600,000 to $700,000, while new machines are much more.

John Deere Combine Harvester S Series

Pros and Cons of the John Deere Combine Harvester

As with any machine, there are pros and cons to consider when making a big purchasing decision. Here are some main factors of the S series.


  • CommandTouch multi-speed feederhouse drive—this feature allows users to harvest crops faster and match ground speed to crop conditions.
  • High-performance cleaning system—the multi-levelled shoe design reduces slop sensitivity and delivers results.
  • ProDrive system—valuable harvest time is not lost shifting on uneven terrain. This system automatically shifts between two speed ranges as the ground changes for higher productivity.
  • Power folding grain tank extensions & covers—close the grain tank at the touch of a button with CommandCenter technology. This is designed for use of ease for height-restricted areas.
  • Flexible cab options—the S Series cab options provide high visibility and operator comfort.

Things to Consider

  • Expensive to buy—depending on the model you choose the S Series can be expensive to buy, especially brand new S700 models. Used John Deere combine harvesters range from $85,000 to $500,000 depending on the series model.
  • Maintenance—as technology advances so does the maintenance required. If problems occur you’ll need a technician to diagnose the issue and re-calibrate the machine. This could mean downtime and lost productivity.
  • High fuel consumption—some users have noted high fuel consumption is an issue with the S Series but it’s not clear under what circumstances this occurred.
  • Grain loss—according to anecdotal feedback, early S Series models delivered a higher grain loss. However, with new technology integrated into the latest S600 and S700 machines, some say this problem is resolved.

So, that’s our round up of the John Deere combine harvester S Series. What do you think of the S Series? Let us know in the comments below. Take a look at John Deere combine harvesters available for sale or check out farming equipment at auction.

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*Prices are based on Machines4U listing data provided by sellers/advertisers and are an approximation only. Data is correct up to and at the time of publishing. Prices may change and need to be verified with individual sellers.

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