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We’ve pitted low hp John Deere tractors against Kubota, and Kubota against Mahindra. Now we’re stepping it up to mid-range hp tractors, including John Deere, Case IH and New Holland tractors.

To ensure an even playing field, we’ve picked the John Deere 5083E, Case IH Farmall JX90 and New Holland TD5050. All these tractors have similar engines, are all wheeled, have cabs and similar hp.

So let’s see how these tractors stack up.

The Walkaround: John Deere, Case IH & New Holland Tractors

To give you the best idea, we have found unbiased, clear and short clips that provide a 360-degree view of each of these tractors.

New Holland Tractor TD5050

Video via YouTube

New Holland say of their TD5 series, “They are intercooled, economical and reliable turbocharged engines, with a very efficient fuel consumption and long maintenance intervals of up to 600 hours, which will allow users to spend more time at work and less in the service workshop.”

John Deere Tractor 5083E

Video via YouTube

When it comes to the John Deere 5083E, Mr Brad Davis from Chesterfield Australia says it is the ultimate all-rounder tractor. “The 5083E is a strong, capable tractor built specifically for small farming applications. It has a tried-and-true tractor design, with an engine that will provide the buyer with years and years of solid service. It’s highly versatile and adaptable, perfect for smaller agricultural and hobby farm applications,” he said.

Case IH Tractor Farmall JX90

Video via YouTube

“One of the big features of the Farmall JX90 is the standard hydraulic Powershuttle as it provides better fuel efficiency and reduces operator fatigue in critical long working days,” says Mr Seamus McCarthy, Case IH Aus/NZ Product Manager, “Another benefit of the JX90 is that it is multi-purpose and its rear linkage lift capacity is over 3.5 tonne.”

Tractor Applications

So what do others in Australia and around the world use these tractors for? We did some digging and compiled a quick list of the most common uses for these particular tractors:

John Deere 5083E

Case IH Farmall JX90

New Holland TD5050

  • Front-end loader work
  • Backhoe work
  • Land clearing
  • Slashing
  • Hay baling & cutting
  • Light farm chores
  • Mowing
  • Light harrowing
  • Plowing
  • Digging
  • Post hole boring
  • Front-end loader work (ideal for lifestyle operations)
  • Hay operation
  • Light tillage
  • Planting
  • Raking & baling
  • Seedbed prep
  • Light harrowing
  • Mowing



  • Front-end loader work
  • Baling & hay work
  • Mowing
  • Spreading manure
  • Light tillage
  • Road grading maintenance
  • Moving dirt piles, logs & rock
  • Post hole boring
  • Digging


That’s not to say this is a finite list, but we found the above to be the most common applications used for these tractors.

In The Seat

Next, let’s take a look at some side-by-side comparisons when it comes to the cab and interior.

John Deere 5083E

Case IH Farmall JX90

New Holland TD5050

First impressions:

The cab feels very spacious. You have plenty of room to move and shift gears. And do it comfortably with the air suspension seat—a nice touch for operators spending hours and hours holed up in the cab.

Visibility is great, especially with the bottom-drop window where you can easily see the attachments and PTO.

Ergonomically designed, it’s easy for an operator to use this tractor effectively.

The slim roofline of the Farmall JX90 may be deceiving, but once you step inside the cab you feel how roomy this tractor really is.While it’s not a massive cab, there is plenty of headroom and doesn’t feel restrictive.

The air-suspension seat provides great comfort for the operators, especially on those long days.It offers good visibility, thanks to the roof with high-visibility panel and slim pillars. Very easy to see loaders and attachments.


This tractor cab feels a little tighter fit than the other two, with the pedals much closer on the floor. You almost feel like your knees will hit the steering wheel. But once you shift yourself in the seat to accommodate, it’s not as noticeable.

Otherwise, the levers and gears are easy to use.

This also has good visibility thanks to the sloped hood and rear window.



  • Air suspension seat
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to operate
  • Power reverser transmission for easy switch from forward to reverse
  • Foot throttle & standard clutch
  • Rubber bedded floor
  • Internal fuse box for easy access to change/check fuses
  • Climate control & air conditioning
  • Air suspension seat with armrest
  • Familiar layout
  • Good value
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes with some nice features
  • Climate control & air conditioning
  • Big comfortable cab
  • Rubber bedded floor
  • Adjustable steering column (up/down)
  • Suspension seat with high back and armrests
  • Good value
  • Ergonomic design
  • Climate control & air conditioning
  • Simple, easy-to-read dashboard
  • Rubber bedded floor
  • Interior toolbox comes standard


  • A bit noisy in the cab
  • The 3-point lever is a bit low
  • Levers have a mechanical feel
  • Smaller cab but still feels roomy
  • 4WD engagement is a lever instead of a button
  • A bit more noise in the cab than the JD
  • A/C vents could be better placed
  • Shift knob made from plastic, feels cheaper and has shorter life

Under The Bonnet


John Deere 5083E

Case IH Farmall JX90

New Holland TD5050


  • Powerful
  • Biggest fuel tank (134L)
  • Fuel efficient
  • Fuel tank under platform for ground-level fueling
  • Lift capacity on the loader is good
  • Robust drive line
  • Tried-and-true transmission & engine
  • Powerful
  • Easy no-tools service access
  • Slide-out condenser for simple radiator cleanup
  • Clean-burning & fuel efficient
  • Higher lift capacity than competitors
  • One-piece bonnet lifts nice and high
  • Mesh screens help protect the radiator
  • Easy to service
  • Heavy 3-point arms
  • Excep?ional maneuverability
  • Good fuel economy
  • Capable of running 100% biodiesel from the factory
  • Strong breakout force
  • Heavier than competitors
  • Higher lift capacity than JD
  • Agile maneuverability
  • Engine can produce up to 44% torque rise


  • A bit light in the rear end
  • No brake lock
  • PTO speed lever is located at the back of the tractor. This isn’t a big issue but worth mentioning
  • A little underpowered, forced to downshift
  • Location of pro lever and remote handles could be better

Specs Breakdown


John Deere 5083E 

Case IH Farmall JX90 

New Holland TD5050 

Engine John Deere PowerTech 4045 4.5L 4 cylinder Iveco S8000 4-cylinder turbocharged New Holland 4.5L 4-cylinder diesel
3-Point Hitch Category 2 Category 2 Category 2
Lift Capacity (at ball ends) 2 100 kg 3 565 kg 2 279 kg
Gross HP 83 88 90
PTO HP 51 72 80
Transmission (standard) 12F/12R PowrReverser 12×12 Hydraulic Powershuttle 12F/12R with synchronised shuttle
Fuel Capacity 134 L 110L 90L
Weight (FWD) 3 350 kg 3 700 kg 3 780 kg
PTO Speed 540 RPM 540/1000 RPM 540 RPM
More Specs More Specs More Specs


The Verdict

When it comes to enjoying a design built around the operator, the Case IH is a great option. Its ergonomic design makes those long days easier on the operator to reduce fatigue and improve productivity. The Case IH Farmall JX90 also comes standard with features that you find would be optional extras in other tractors.

If you’re looking for a heavy, strong and agile tractor, the New Holland tractor proves almost unbeatable value for money.

The John Deere is a good all-round tractor for smaller farming operations or hobby farms. It’s lighter in weight than the other two tractors, but has a robust drive line. The John Deere does boast the largest fuel tank by far—carrying up to 25 more litres per tank. This could make a huge impact out on the field, depending on the scale of your operation.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below. Or take a look at other tractors for sale.

John Deere 5083E Gallery

Case IH JX90 Gallery

New Holland TD5050 Gallery

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