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Small Tractors Comparison: Mahindra Vs Kubota

Small Tractors Comparison: Mahindra Vs Kubota

Small tractors (aka compact tractors) are ideal for residential-size applications. Great for mowing lawns, shifting small amounts of dirt, and generally maintaining plots of land 5 acres or less.

We’ve already pitted the John Deere compact tractor against the Kubota, and now we’re looking at how Mahindra holds up against the Kubota. If you’re after a mid-range tractor for a hobby farm, you might find our mid-range tractor comparison useful.

Today we’re looking at the Mahindra eMax 25S HST vs Kubota BX2670 small tractors (both without cabs).


Mahindra eMax 25S HST

Mahindra small tractor
Source: Machines4U

Manufactured in Korea, the Mahindra eMax 25 HST is on the smaller scale of the eMax series. With plenty of rear attachments available, the Mahindra is a great tractor choice for maintaining 1-5 acre plots.

“The all new eMax 25 HST includes an impressive list of features, starting with the grunty and reliable 25 horsepower Tier IV-compliant engine, with no DPF meaning no expensive diesel particulate filters.”


The Mahindra small tractor comes standard with 3-point linkage, drive-over mower, and operator creature comforts.

Kubota BX2670

First introduced to the market in 1999, the Kubota BX series was the first compact tractor of its kind. Its power and versatility made it a popular choice for residential acreage use. It’s the second-largest of the BX series family, offering a powerful 3-cylinder diesel Kubota engine.

“The BX-Series sub-compact tractors have the power and versatility to tackle any yard and garden project. A powerful and efficient 3-cylinder diesel engine and 4WD provide the traction you need to haul, climb, and pull your way through the job.”


The Kubota also comes standard with a 3-point hitch, hydraulic power steering and foldable ROPS for easy storage.

Small Tractors Comparison Walkaround

To give you a better idea of each compact tractor model, we’ve found some great video walkarounds.

Some dealers go above and beyond when helping buyers (like you) find the right piece of machinery, and one such example is creating videos. Dealers who do this have their own style and preferences (like silent walkarounds or going into much further detail). You’ll notice this in the videos below.

Mahindra eMax 25 HST

Please note: the following video showcases an American model Mahindra 25 HST, so there may be some differences in the Australian model than shown in the video below.

Kubota BX2670

The Comparison

When it comes to comparing Kubota and Mahindra sub-compact small tractors, there are a few things that stick out for both brands. See below for our highlights.

This is an unbiased comparison, created to help you decide whether these tractors are the right ones for you.

1. Build Materials

small tractor comparison mahindra kubota

Similar to our Kubota vs John Deere comparison, there are differences in the makeup of the Mahindra and Kubota small tractors.

While the Mahindra is made from solid steel components (making it heavier than the Kubota) and minor plastic components, the Kubota is made from tough steel, cast aluminium and plastic components.

According to various YouTube reviews, where you notice these differences the most is in the operator’s seat. Where the Mahindra’s station is made from metal components, the Kubota uses plastic for the console and other areas in the operator’s station. This isn’t a huge deal as it doesn’t impact the functionality of the tractor, but might be something to keep in mind if it’s important to you.

Round Winner: Tie

Round 2. Engine

The Kubota does have a more powerful engine with more gross horsepower, however the PTO horsepower is almost the same.

One big thing the Kubota has over the Mahindra is its custom-built engine. Manufactured by Kubota themselves, you have the peace of mind knowing if anything goes wrong, you can get in touch with Kubota to get it fixed.

The Mahindra’s engine manufacturer can vary, with some carrying Mitsubishi engines or other manufacturers. So it’s important to check the Mahindra’s engine to make a more informed choice, especially when it comes to needing spare parts.

That’s not to say the Mahindra isn’t powerful—it is. There’s just an aspect of peace of mind when you buy a tractor wholly manufactured by that OEM.

Round Winner: Kubota

Round 3. Pedal Placement

Similar to our previous small tractor comparison, these two tractors feature different pedal placements.

The Mahindra keeps it traditional with their side-by-side pedal placement. This makes it easier for more novice operators to master driving the tractor.

On the other hand, Kubota features a treadle pedal, which provides more floor space but some find it a little more awkward to drive.

This one really depends on your preference, but in this case simplicity wins out.

Round Winner: Mahindra

Round 4. Ergonomics & Comfort

If you’re out mowing your 4-acre property, comfort becomes pretty important. Both of these small tractors feature some elements that will make using the tractor a little more pleasant.


While both these tractors come standard without a cab, if you are after premium comfort Mahindra do offer a cab option with their eMax 25 HST. Unfortunately, it seems Kubota don’t offer a cab option for the BX2670, however you’d probably be able to find an aftermarket cab if necessary.


Both tractors have the cruise control feature which would make those long days much easier. The Kubota comes standard with armrests, the Mahindra does not. On the flipside, Mahindra has the suspension seat as standard, where the Kubota does not.


The fuel tank is located on the front of the Mahindra, where the Kubota’s is underneath the operator’s seat.

The joystick controls on the Mahindra seem to be in an awkward position, where the Kubota’s seem to be more ergonomically placed. This could be an issue if you’re going to spend long hours on your sub-compact tractor. You might want to test them both for yourself.

Round Winner: Mahindra (thanks to the suspension seat)

Round 5. Specs

So how do the Mahindra and Kubota stand against each other when it comes to specs? For a quick-reference table, scroll to the end of this article.


Thanks to its heavy steel build, the Mahindra outweighs the Kubota by 65kg, which doesn’t seem like much but can make a difference to its impact force on your lawns.

Lift Capacity

The Mahindra outlifts the Kubota by about 109kg behind the pin, which is a pretty significant difference. However, the Kubota does have a 4-point mounting system to detach attachments without the need for tools.

Round Winner: Kubota

Quick Comparison Chart—Summary

Mahindra eMax 25 HST Kubota BX2670
Composition Steel bonnet & fenders, plastic mudguards Steel, cast aluminium & plastic components
Cab Option Available from OEM Only available aftermarket
Pedal Placement Side by side Roller treadle pedal
Fuel Tank Placement Accessible at the front Accessible underneath the seat
Armrest No Yes
Suspension Seat Yes No
Cruise Control Yes Yes
Joystick Location Awkward position More ergonomically positioned
Mower Decks 60-inch mid-mount drive over deck 54 & 60-inch decks available
ROPS Fit STD Garage Yes Yes – but requires folding


The prices below are pulled from our Machines4U marketplace data, and can vary depending on condition, hours and year. Please confirm prices with individual sellers when making enquiries.

Mahindra eMax 25 HST Kubota BX2670
Approx. $14,750 – $25,000

Average Price: $19,580*

Approx. $19,500 – $23,000

Average Price: $19,750*

Small Tractors Mahindra Vs Kubota Specs

Mahindra eMax 25 HST Kubota BX2670
Engine EMax 25s HST 3-cylinder diesel Kubota D1005 liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder diesel
Max Engine Horsepower 24 (@3000 RPM) 25.5 (@3200 RPM)
PTO Horsepower 19.3 (RPM unspecified) 19.5 (@3200 RPM)
Transmission HST, 2-range speed HST, High-Low gear shift (2 forward / reverse)
Weight 730 kg 665 kg
Lift Capacity 419 kg
(at 24 inches behind link ends)
310 kg
(behind pin)
Fuel Capacity 25 L 25 L
Ground Clearance 260 mm 220 mm
Full Specs Full Specs

Overall, you’ll want to make sure you know the scale of your needs before settling on a tractor.

The Mahindra is a good choice for those more heavy-duty hobby-farm needs, where there are lots of different jobs to do.

The Kubota is a great, reliable small tractor that is easy to work with. It all really comes down to what you need the tractor to do.

Have you got something to add to this article? Let us know by commenting below! Otherwise, why not check out Mahindra tractors or Kubota tractors for sale.

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