The Branson brand is going from strength to strength in Australia under the guidance of local distributor Midway Sales. The range has been expanded over time and a number of models upgraded to meet the needs of Australian customers. The latest release is a 30 HP sub compact model with hydrostatic transmission.

Scott Spring-Brown from, Midway Sales explains:
“We have just released the 3100h. The increased engine performance is being well received by owners and we know from previous models that the hydrostatic transmission is very popular with our customer base.

Our research shows that this model has also had great success in the US and European markets. This style of tractor is ideal for tight work in vineyards, orchards and lifestyle properties yet grunty enough to tackle some of those bigger jobs with a very capable 4 in 1 front end loader. The manoeuvrability comes from the legendary Branson turning circle”.

The 3100h shares many features with larger Branson models. Scott Spring-Brown continued “A cast iron rear end and transmission housing provide the best ballast for maximum traction, this is only something you will see in the most premium tractors in the industry.

Branson front axles are all 4 wheel drive. They are designed with a dual power direction, hydrostatic, steering cylinder. They do not use a steering drag link. This enables the tight turns and low steering effort. Elimination of the drag link provides uniform front tyre wear and much easier steering effort in front loader applications!

The front end loader is state of the art featuring single joystick operation 4 in 1 bucket and self-levelling functionality with a lifting capacity of 265 kg. You can do it all – blading, levelling, grabbing and scooping.

The operator deck is easy to get on and off. A high back and wide suspension operator’s seat provides excellent comfort. Found in top of the line tractors, wet disc brakes are standard on Branson tractors assuring you always have safe, reliable braking control.

Unlike other tractor manufacturers, Branson have a fully integrated approach to design and manufacturing right through to the point of building their own engines. The eco-friendly engine is genuine Branson built for quiet operation and low fuel consumption. The “long stroke” design produces maximum torque at a lower operating speed. Branson’s high-torque engines will pull you through tough spots that many other engines won’t!

Hydraulics are the life-blood of the whole tractor. A high capacity hydraulic pump (31 litres per min) delivers great performance for hydraulic implements such as front end loaders. The dual hydraulic remotes are a standard feature which enables you to connect up hydraulic implement such as a backhoe.

The easy to use PTO features 2 speed rear (540 / 960 rpm) and 1 speed mid (2500 rpm). The Category I hitch has a lift capacity of 680 kg at the ball end.

Every detail has been considered right down to the strong protection bar mounted on the front of the tractor to protect the bonnet and engine. Built to last, the mudguards and bonnet are powder coated steel and like all Bransons the 3100H has an industry leading 4 year warranty.

The 3100h is priced at $25,990 including 4 in1 front end loader and currently has an incredible offer of 5 free implements. This made up of the very popular slasher, grader blade, ripper, carryall and tow hitch.

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