Fravol was established in 1957 under the name of ‘Fratelli Volpato.’ For over 50 years, they have been renowned in the woodworking industry for their reliable and high quality machines that make the lives of furniture-makers and craftsmen around the world easier. All of their equipment are built to deliver excellent precision, efficiency, and are backed-up by unbeatable after-sales services. Today, the Padova-based manufacturer have already earned the trusts and praises of customers worldwide.

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How an Out of Work Mechanic Became a Woodworking Master

17 Jul,2017 - After getting the sack from his job as a mechanic on Christmas eve, Steve Hay’s life took an ironic twist that led him to a career as a woodworking TV host. Never one to bother too much about what anyone else thought of him, Steve threw aside the opinions of others to explore the avenue ...

Take Your Woodworking to the Next Level With These 5 Expert Tips

27 Jun,2017 - The Machines4U team recently got to spend some time with master woodworker, Steve Hay. Rather than going for the quick and easy ‘tips and tricks’, we delved deep to bring you some golden pieces of advice that mark the difference between an amateur and a master woodworker. #1: Add some zen to the art of ...

Expert Advice on Getting Wood in the Wild

23 Jun,2017 - The life of a woodworker is full of triumphs and frustrations. For those dedicated to the craft, the joys are worth the struggle because the struggles are really just part of the joy. There’s no greater example of this than the experience of hunting your own wood in the wild. When you get to see ...

The Complete Guide to the Humble Hand Plane from Steve Hay

07 Jun,2017 - All worthwhile pursuits have their gurus. Selfies? Kim Kardashian. Nonviolent civil disobedience? Gandhi. Woodworking? Steve Hay. Steve Hay’s Woodworking Master Class teaches novice and sage woodworking enthusiasts alike a lifetime of tips and tricks via his television and YouTube channels. Here, we take a look at some of his best hacks for the humble hand ...

Why You Should Be Using A Vertical Band-Saw For Your Mitering Jobs

30 May,2017 - One of the more unique machines at Austech 2017, the team at Power Machinery had the HYDMECH V-20 on full display during the expo. We spoke with Ken Christensen, Director of Power Machinery, to get all the latest on this new tech. Imported from the US, the V-20 is a band-saw configured with a unique overhead ...

Fravol RX700 Hot Melt Edgebander
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Fravol NC Controlled Edge banders
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Fravol Smart S600 Hot Melt Edgebander
New Edgebanders
Fravol R5 with 2 sets of Trimmers
Fravol Hot Melt Edgebander
Used Edgebanders
Fravol New Rapid Hotmelt Edgebanders
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Fravol Rapid Solid Timber Edgebanders
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Fravol Contour Edgebanding? is the answer!
New Edgebanders
New Edgebanders
Fravol Fast F400 - Italian Made
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Fravol Patented EVA & PUR Applicator System
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Fravol Fast F200 - PERFECT 1mm MACHINE
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Fravol Fast F400 - NEW!
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Fravol Fast F200 - NEW!
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Fravol FAST 600 Series - ALL NEW
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Fravol Smart S600-23 EVO Edge-Banding Machine
Hot Melt Edgebander
New | POA
Fravol FAST F600 e F600-23 -with pre-milling unit
Hot Melt Edgebander
New | $68,200 to $88,000
Fravol Master M200-23 Edge-Banding Machine
Hot Melt Edgebander
New | $52,800 to $62,700