hafco woodmaster

Hafco Woodmaster

From the manufacturing company Hafco, comes a brand that specializes in the design, production, and distribution of machinery that focuses on the woodworking industry. Hafco Woodmaster delivers reliable equipment that promotes efficiency and productivity in the woodworking sector. Hafco Woodmaster features a wide range of products that include planers and jointers, thicknessers, wood bandsaws, sanders, and panel saws among others.

Hafco Woodmaster L80
Hafco Woodmaster Panel Saw, , very minimal usage, great entry level panel saw
Used Panel Saw
Hafco Woodmaster Near brand new 600mm thicknesser
Used Thicknesser
Hafco Woodmaster Planer-Thicknesser for the serious woodworker
Used Thicknesser
Hafco Woodmaster Radial Arm Saw
Used Radial Arm Saws
Hafco Woodmaster WL-20
New Wood Lathes
Hafco Woodmaster ST-254
New Rip & Table Saws
Hafco Woodmaster PT-300
New Thicknesser
Hafco Woodmaster Hafco single phase bandsaw
Used Band Saw
Hafco Woodmaster PD-22 pedestal dilling machine
Used Drill Presses
Hafco Woodmaster Wood Cutting Band Saw
Used Band Saw
Hafco Woodmaster dust collector
Factory Dust Extractor
Hafco Woodmaster DS-25
New Sander
Hafco Woodmaster DS-1632
New Sander
Hafco Woodmaster ST-12DP2
New Rip & Table Saws

"Fantastic ."

Equipment Sold: Hafco woodmaster DC-90 2007 Factory Dust Extractor
Location: VIC
DC-80 Industrial Dust Collector 2800cfm - LPHV System
Filter Bag Collector
New | $1,155
L-80 Belt Sander 150mm Belt Width
belt disc sander
New | $1,199
DCM-200 Metal - Wood Dust Collector 1200cfm
Filter Bag Collector
New | $924
#2 BLADES PKT 4 200MM X 20MM Suits: P-200H
Wood Planer Knives
New | $75
#10A KNIFE SET 3 150 X 18.5MM Suits: PT-6
Wood Planer Knives
New | $52