string(24) "browsecleaning-equipment" string(555) "((tag_idraw:9 OR tag_idraw:415 OR tag_idraw:202 OR tag_idraw:541 OR tag_idraw:480 OR tag_idraw:360 OR tag_idraw:544 OR tag_idraw:498 OR tag_idraw:163 OR tag_idraw:105 OR tag_idraw:451 OR tag_idraw:242 OR tag_idraw:497 OR tag_idraw:320 OR tag_idraw:94 OR tag_idraw:184 OR tag_idraw:119 OR tag_idraw:439 OR tag_idraw:493 OR tag_idraw:349 OR tag_idraw:106 OR tag_idraw:365 OR tag_idraw:435 OR tag_idraw:121028 OR tag_idraw:1179 OR tag_idraw:102007 OR tag_idraw:129745 OR tag_idraw:125389 OR tag_idraw:123032)) AND (conquest* OR conquest) AND advert_status:1 "
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