Hay balers are a specialised piece of farm machinery which are used to compress harvested crops into bales for easy storage and transport. Mechanical hay balers are exponentially faster at collecting and compacting hay, and have revolutionised the productive capacity of modern farming operations.

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Whether you're looking to sell hay commercially or the bales are for use in your own operation, hay balers are an essential machine for in the agricultural industry. Most major agriculture brands have their own range of hay balers, with the most common types being square or round balers. Towed behind your tractor, modern hay balers have advanced computer technology that allows for increased control, performance and production.

Round and square hay balers work in much the same way, you pull the baler behind your tractor, and the hay enters the baler through the pickup. It's then fed into the bale chamber where it is worked into either a rectangle or round shape. Once the bale is at the desired size, the baler will automatically dispense wire, twine or a wrap and bind the bale in shape. If you are running an older machine, this may not be an automatic process and may need to be done manually. The bale is then pushed down the bale chute and dropped behind the baler, either onto the ground or a trailer if you have someone following behind.

The main difference between the types of hay balers is the shape of the bale, and the density. High-density hay balers have become popular with many farmers and commercial balers as they are able to pack hay tighter, creating heavier hay bales that are the same size and shape as lighter ones. This means trucks or trailers can be packed to their maximum weight limit more often, whereas lighter hay bales will often be too numerous to fit into a single load, even if the weight limit hasn't been reached.

When deciding between a square or round hay baler, it's important to consider why you're producing the bales. If you're looking to tidy up the farm, and have hay sitting in the paddock, then a round baler is the way to go. Their circular design makes it harder for water to seep through, making them a perfect choice for leaving in the paddock.

But, if you're looking to sell the bales commercially or would rather store them in your shed or barn, then a square baler is the right choice. The uniform rectangle shape is great for tight packing and storage, and makes them easy to transport on the back of a truck or trailer.

Of course, another factor to consider will be the price. Square balers are generally cheaper than round balers (depending on the make, model and size), so it might not be worth your money investing in a round hay baler if you're only going to be baling small amounts of hay. That said, there are more expensive models for both types of hay balers, so you'll need to do some research beforehand to find the right machine for your needs. Or, consult with your dealer and they'll be able to offer you a model that suits.