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About Us

Hangcha Group Co., Ltd., is a major enterprise in the forklift truck manufacturing industry in the world, and we’re the leading forklift truck manufacture in China. Hangcha Group has a complete product range of material handling equip ment, from 1-46t internal combustion counterbalance forklift, 1-8.5t electric counterbalance forklift truck, warehouse equipment, 3-6t side loader, empty container handler, reach stacker and more. In 2013, we were among the top 10 sales volume in material handling equipment in the world, we are also one of the top 500 large enterprise group in China. Utilizing our state-of-art R&D center, our provincial level technology center, efficient production support system and our strong marketing leading system, more 60 sales and service subsidiaries, 140 domestic dealers, and over 70 abroad agents, all these offers strong support to our customers.
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