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New Metal Guillotine
Accurl HVAC & Ductwork Fabrication Direct to The Industry - Largest Range Ex Stock
Accurl 5 Axis 3200mm x 110Ton WITH Tooling Set & 3D Offline Delem software
Used Press Brake
Accurl Energy Efficient 3200mm x 135Ton 5 Axis Pressbrake
New Press Brake
Accurl Energy Efficient 3200mm x 135Ton 5 Axis Pressbrake
New Press Brake

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2500mm x 3mm Curving Rollers With End Stubs
Curving Rolls
New | $13,195
2500mm Guillotine & Panbrake DUAL COMBO DEAL
Pan Brakes & Folders
New | $31,895
SM-PB70-3200NC2-S - Best Value In Australia
CNC Press Brakes
New | $29,695
400mm Twin Column - Full Auto - NC Control
Horizontal Bandsaws
New | $33,935
ACCURL 4200mm x 250Ton 5 Axis CNC
CNC Press Brakes
New | $109,835
ACCURL 3200mm x 175Ton 5 Axis CNC Pressbake
CNC Press Brakes
New | $95,535
Electric Pan Brake
New | $4,395
3200mm x 90Ton ibend CNC & Laser Guards
CNC Press Brakes
New | $51,695
Industrial Series Geared Head Drill - 45mm
Geared Head Pedestal Drills
New | $5,055
SM-S1510 - 1500mm X 10mm Plate Rollers
Plate Rolls
New | $24,030
Aussies Designed 3700mm x 4mm NC1
Pan Brakes & Folders
New | $30,795
4000mm X 210Ton CNC iBend CNC & Laser Guards
CNC Press Brakes
New | $97,895
Heavy Duty Turret With Power Draw Bar
Milling Machine
New | $20,735
SM-FHP3206NC1 - 3200mm X 5mm NC CONTROLLED
Pan Brakes & Folders
New | $48,945
Pan Brakes & Folders
New | $110 to $121
SM-FHPB2506CNC2 2500mm CNC2 Foldmaster
Pan Brakes & Folders
New | $38,495
Feature Packed Vertical & Horizontal Mill, Z Feed
Vertical & Horizontal Mills
New | $11,935
New Model, Treadle Gullotine - 1270mm x 1.6 With Back Gauge
Manual Treadle Guillotine
New | $3,465
SM-EMS2500-3.2 ELECTRO SHEAR With Power Backgauge
Swing Beam Guillotine
New | $15,950