blue diamond

Blue Diamond

One of Australia's premier equipment supplier, Blue Diamond is a one of kind company that offers a wide range of mining equipment that include storage systems, power generators, water pumps, air compressors, etc. What makes this company different from others is the fact that its owners are serious when it comes to delivering the best possible solutions, products, and services to their clients.

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10kVA Blue Diamond Generator 240V Solar Backup
Industrial Generators
New | $6,390
Blue Diamond 17 KVA Diesel Generator 415V
Industrial Generators
New | $7,400
6KVA 240V Silenced Diesel Generator
Tradie Generators
New | $1,399
LARGE Mobile Evaporative Air conditioner - SLIM
Air Conditioning
New | $1,249
Generator Diesel 6KVA 240V Silenced Mine Spec
Tradie Generators
New | $3,300
Generator 4 KVA Pure Sine Inverter Portable
Camping Generators
New | $1,349
Diesel Fuel Tank 3000L Self Bunded Baffled
Diesel Tanks
New | $10,780
Generator BDP3500 3.5 KVA Home Series
Tradie Generators
New | $600
High Pressure Washer 3500 PSI Diesel - Key Start
Pressure Washers
New | $1,190
Cummins 110KVA Diesel Generator 415V Prime Work
Industrial Generators
New | $22,900
3.5 KVA Petrol Generator BDP3500 3.5KVA
Tradie Generators
New | $600
Portable Petrol Generator 9KVA 240V
Industrial Generators
New | $999
Industrial Generators
New | $18,400
50MM Petrol Fire Fighter Pump - Honda Copy
Fire Fighting Pumps
New | $379
13kVA Diesel Generator 240V Solar Backup House
Industrial Generators
New | $7,400
Silenced Piston Air Compressor- Electric 48 CFM
Piston Compressor
New | $3,150
Tradie Generators
New | $10,890
50KVA Diesel Generator 415V FAW ENGINE - Cummins Copy
Industrial Generators
New | $12,900
10 KVA Blue Diamond Generator 240V Kubota
Industrial Generators
New | $9,500
Steel 1500mm 4xDrawers Tool Box
Tool Boxes
New | $1,200