CIGWELD is a part of the ESAB line of welding and cutting equipment solutions, which includes companies Arcair, Tweco, and Thermal Dynamics. ESAB is a global leader of cutting and welding equipment consumables and its innovative and popular solutions as well as equipment are developed while putting the input of their clients. With this business concept, they're able to build a heritage of excellence. Despite this, they didn't become complacent and continue develop new products that can be included in their wide range of products.

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Cigweld MPM 400
Used Engine Driven Welder
Cigweld 400SP Pulse MIG Welder MUST SELL
Used Mig Welder
Cigweld 4RHD
New Wirefeeder
Cigweld Transmig VAF-4
New Wirefeeder
New Wirefeeder
Cigweld Transmig 4RSE
Used Wirefeeder
New Wirefeeder

New Plasma Cutter

New Plasma Cutter

New Plasma Cutter

New Plasma Cutter
Cigweld CUTSKILL 35a
New Plasma Cutter
Cigweld TRANSMIG 500i
New Mig Welder
New Mig Welder
Cigweld Trailer mounted diesel welder generator


Equipment Sold: Cigweld Mig Welder cigweld Mig Welder
Location: NSW

"good site!"

Equipment Sold: Cigweld tig Welder Tig Welders
Location: NSW

"Good site!"

Equipment Sold: Cigweld Dust Extraction Unit Factory Dust Extractor
Location: QLD

"Excellent site!"

Equipment Sold: Cigweld Tig welder Tig Welders
Location: NSW


Equipment Sold: Cigweld Transmig 255R Mig Welder
Location: QLD

"great site"

Equipment Sold: Cigweld TRANSTIG 300 ACDC Tig Welders
Location: NSW

"Sold within 48 hours to a customer in WA!what else can I say?"

Equipment Sold: Cigweld TRANSMIG 165 TURBO 706555 and Helmet Mig Welder
Location: NSW

"Great sales tool!"

Equipment Sold: Cigweld 175I CIGWELD MIG STICK AND TIG Mig Welder
Location: NSW
Cigweld Transmig 250i - Plant
Mig Welder
New | $1,980
Cigweld Cutskill 35A Plasma Inverter Kit
Plasma Cutter
New | $1,265
Cigweld Transmig 400HD Remote
Mig Welder
Used | $1,648
Cigweld Transmig 250i - Plant
Multi-Process Welders
New | $2,178
CIGWELD Transmig 175i Multi Process Inverter
Multi-Process Welders
New | POA
Cigweld Transmig 200i Multi Process Inverter
Mig Welder
New | $1,859 to $1,969
Cigweld Transmig 250i Multi Purpose Inverter
Multi-Process Welders
New | $2,585 to $2,695
Cigweld Weldskill 170 DC Inverter Kit
Arc Welders
New | $315
Transmig 175I 240V Mig/Tig/Arc Inverter Kit
Multi-Process Welders
New | $1,099
Cigweld Cutskill 35A
Plasma Cutter
New | $1,429 to $1,649
Cigweld WeldSkill 200 AC/DC
Tig Welders
New | $1,579 to $1,689
Cigweld WeldSkill 250
Mig Welder
New | $1,318 to $1,538
Cigweld Transmig 250i
Multi-Process Welders
New | $1,979 to $2,199
Cigweld Transmig 350
Mig Welder
Used | $1,648
Cigweld CUTMASTER A120
Plasma Cutter
New | $6,045
Transmig® VS 212 Stealth Wirefeeder
New | $1,649