One of the most trusted brand of cooktops in Australia is the Gasmax. With their stainless steel construction, Gasmax have been deemed a reliable manufacturing company that consistently offers the market with durable and high quality products that include cooktops, grills, and other catering equipment. Gasmax also incorporate a number of safety features and innovative design elements to further ensure safety and security, as well as to improve the performance of their products.

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Gasmax 2OBN - Natural Gas 2 Side Burners for Wok
New Wok Burner
Gasmax 2WOK12/14N - Double Waterless Natural Gas Wok
New Wok Burner
Gasmax 3WOK12/14N - Triple Waterless Natural Gas Wok
New Wok Burner
Gasmax 2 Gas Burner Griddle Plate
New Grills
Gasmax 3 Gas Burner Griddle Plate
New Grills
Gasmax 6 burner char grill
New Grills
Gasmax Stand to Suit RGT-36
New Stainless Steel Fabrication
Gasmax Four Burner Benchtop Gas Char Grill
New Grills
Gasmax Gas Kebab Cooker
New Kebab Machine
Gasmax S36 - x 6 Burner with Oven
New Cook Top
Gasmax S24 x 4 Burner with Oven
New Cook Top
Gasmax Single Waterless Gas Wok 1WOK12/14
New Wok Burner
Gasmax Triple Waterless Gas Wok 3WOK12/14
New Wok Burner
Gasmax Double Waterless Gas Wok 2WOK12/14
New Wok Burner
Gasmax Four Burner CookTop JZH-TRP-4
New Cook Top

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