Irwin Tools has been manufacturing and distributing hand tools and power tool accessories since 1885. They started their operations with the production of their first Auger Bit, until they evolved and launched the Vise-Grip Locking Tools, Quick-Grip Bar Clamps, Marathon Saw Blades, and Speedbor Flat Bits. Currently, they already have an impressive lineup of products that includes chisels, saw blades, hammers, tape measures, screw drivers, and marking tools.

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How an Out of Work Mechanic Became a Woodworking Master

17 Jul,2017 - After getting the sack from his job as a mechanic on Christmas eve, Steve Hay’s life took an ironic twist that led him to a career as a woodworking TV host. Never one to bother too much about what anyone else thought of him, Steve threw aside the opinions of others to explore the avenue ...

Take Your Woodworking to the Next Level With These 5 Expert Tips

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Expert Advice on Getting Wood in the Wild

23 Jun,2017 - The life of a woodworker is full of triumphs and frustrations. For those dedicated to the craft, the joys are worth the struggle because the struggles are really just part of the joy. There’s no greater example of this than the experience of hunting your own wood in the wild. When you get to see ...

What is it About “Hand-Made” that Keeps People Going Back(wards)?

07 Jun,2017 - Here at Machines4u, we’re always interested in new and increasingly futuristic manufacturing techniques. Discussions around the water cooler about the takeover by our looming robotic overlords are not uncommon. However, occasionally we like to get back to basics and check out some real masters of craft and inspect some traditional or ‘dying’ arts. It seems, ...

The Complete Guide to the Humble Hand Plane from Steve Hay

07 Jun,2017 - All worthwhile pursuits have their gurus. Selfies? Kim Kardashian. Nonviolent civil disobedience? Gandhi. Woodworking? Steve Hay. Steve Hay’s Woodworking Master Class teaches novice and sage woodworking enthusiasts alike a lifetime of tips and tricks via his television and YouTube channels. Here, we take a look at some of his best hacks for the humble hand ...

Irwin 5" Vise Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire C
New Hand Tools
Irwin 6" Locking C-Clamp with Swivel Pads
New Clamps & Jigs
Irwin 7" Vise Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire C
New Hand Tools
Irwin 6" Vise Grip Long Nose Locking Pliers
New Hand Tools
Irwin 7" Vise Grip Straight Jaw Locking Pliers
New Hand Tools
IRWIN Curved Spokeshave - 250mm
IRWIN Flat Spokeshave - 250mm
IRWIN Mini Bar Clamp - 305mm
IRWIN Quick Change Clamp / Spreader -915mm
IRWIN Quick Change Clamp / Spreader -610mm
IRWIN Quick-Grip Pipe Clamp Head
IRWIN Quick Grip XP Clamp - 1270mm
IRWIN Quick Grip XP Clamp - 915mm
IRWIN Quick Grip XP Clamp - 610mm
IRWIN Quick Grip XP Clamp - 305mm

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