Lowara specialises in the design and manufacture of equipment for pumping and circulating both clean and contaminated water. Their lineup of high efficient and easy to install products ranges from booster pump sets, borehole pumps, and single stage pumps, to multistage pumps, pump control panels, and drainage and sewage products. A brand under the Xylem company, Lowara serves numerous clients from the industries of aquaculture, mining, oil and gas, and agriculture.

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08 May,2019 - The TYM T503 is a powerful compact tractor that comes with either hydrostatic or 16/16 sync/shuttle transmission. With an ergonomic dash and a minimum turning radius of 3352 mm, you’ll have no issues getting around tight corners. Ideal for farming, landscaping or turf management, the TYM T503 is a popular choice for many Australians. TYM ...

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TYM T503 Tractor: Equipment Focus

11 Apr,2019 - Built to give you maximum performance, the TYM T503 tractor can be used for a variety of applications including property maintenance, turf management and farm operations. With a 50HP engine, this utility tractor sits among the 0-79HP tractors and is a great price for this range. Let’s see if it’s the tractor for you by ...

Lowara Multistage Pump In/Out: 25mm Dia.
Used Centrifugal Pump
New Water Pump
Lowara 4KW Motor
Used Motors
Lowara CEA 210/3-V Pump
Used Centrifugal Pump
Lowara SV-1603 In 50mm Dia Out 50mm Dia.
Used Centrifugal Pump
Lowara Submersible Pump, IN: 38mm Dia, OUT: 50mm Dia.
Used Submersible Pump
Lowara Submersible Pump, IN: 38mm Dia, OUT: 50mm Dia.
Used Submersible Pump
Lowara Submersible Bore Pump
Used Bore Pumps
Lowara LM132RB5/375 Vertical Pump Pump
Used Fire Fighting Pumps
Lowara SV4604F150T Vertical Pump
Used Slurry Pumps
Lowara verticle multi stage pump with 5.5kw electr
Used Water Pump
Lowara vertical centrifugal pump
Used Water Pump
Lowara Centrifugal Pump - Inlet 50mm - Outlet 50mm
Used Centrifugal Pump
Lowara 2 to 8 kL/h
Used Centrifugal Pump
New Bore Pumps

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