Regent Pumps Pty. Ltd. has been manufacturing pumps that are suited for industrial, agricultural, and domestic applications for over 50 years. This Australian owned company has been recognised worldwide for their extensive range of pumps that are being utilised for water transfer, circulation, waste disposal, heating and ventilation, marine services, fire protection, and many more. Regent Pumps has long been a world leader in the production of durable and quality products that are guaranteed to deliver optimum performance every time.

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Regent Dustmaster, single phase, dust extractor for sale
Used Factory Dust Extractor
Regent Centrifugal Pump (50mm inlet/outlet) Cast Iron
Used Centrifugal Pump
Regent Stainless Steel 24-OD 211
Used Centrifugal Pump
Regent 2001 Mayfair Caravan ATM 1,800kg
Used Trailers - Camping
Regent 1996 Ranger Deluxe Caravan ATM 1,370kg
Used Trailers - Camping
Regent Circa 1995 Rogue High Pressure Drain Cleanr
Used High Pressure Water Cleaners
Used Filter Bag Collector
Regent 150 x 125 x150
Used Fire Fighting Pumps
Regent Centrifugal Pump (50mm inlet/outlet) Cast I
Used Centrifugal Pump
Used High Pressure Water Cleaners
Used High Pressure Water Cleaners
Used Water Pump
Regent Used Hydraulic Pressbrake PB 1500-45
Used Press Brake
Used Filter Bag Collector
Regent Water Pump
Used Water Pump

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