Simex Tyres is a global distributor of high quality commercial and racing tyres. The company's products are all manufactured in Malaysia and were built to conform the standards of Japan, USA, and Europe, all of which meet the local guidelines of New Zealand where it is based. In 2003, Simex locked in a partnership with Continental Germany, the fourth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Simex is locally owned, but the brand is also well recognized outside of Oceania and is supplying its product over 40 countries worldwide.

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7 Big Reasons The Caterpillar 140M Grader Is A Standout Machine

15 Nov,2018 - Looking for your next motor grader? The Caterpillar 140m grader is a great choice. With a powerful turbo-diesel engine and responsive hydraulics, these graders make light work of digging, levelling, trenching and ditching. It’s true that a brand new Cat 140M doesn’t come cheap, but is worth the investment if it’s within your budget. Otherwise, ...

How the supply chain impacts mega projects

18 Oct,2018 - Mega projects — construction of infrastructure projects valued at over $1 billion — represent an impressive new benchmark for the civil construction industry. Early contractor and supply chain involvement is critical to a mega project’s success, according to Lindsay Le Compte, Executive Director of the Australian Constructors Association (ACA).   As the Executive Director of ...


17 Sep,2018 - If marble did not exist, it would have to be invented. Yes, because this shiny stone – as its Greek name suggests – has been used since ancient times in art, industry and everyday life. From the gigantic marble block, to the dust used in paints or kitchen worktops, the raw material is cut, moulded ...

Machines cleaning the Beaches of Valencia

15 Aug,2018 - Every year between 8 and 12 million tons of waste sweep out to sea, especially plastic. Practically a full  truck of garbage per minute. The rubbish in the sea, travels a long way and then washes up on coastlines.  Over time it does not biodegrade harming wildlife and ecosystems.   Ocean’s plastic pollution is one ...

Ground-breaking new design enters Australian construction equipment market.

17 Jul,2018 - HİDROMEK has been the market leader in Turkey for the last nine years for backhoe loader sales and for the last six years for excavator sales. Exporting to more than 80 countries on 5 continents, HİDROMEK works with an international dealer network providing sales and aftersales. The company also has direct outlets in Spain, Russia ...

Simex Wheel Excavators 4 fixed section trenching
New Trenchers
Simex Rotary Cutters 4 concreteprofiling
New Excavator Attachments
Simex Crusher Buckets for recycling
New Crushing & Screening
Simex Planers 4 Stabilising & Milling Applications
New Road Making Equipment
Simex Asphalt Floats lay asphalt on small surfaces
New Road Making Equipment
Simex Compaction Wheels to compact trenches
New Rollers & Compactors
Simex Pineapple Rock Grinder as new
Simex New PL6020V3 Self Levelling Planer!
New Excavator Attachments
Simex As New, PL400 Profiler
Used Road Making Equipment
Simex CBE10 Excavator Crusher Bucket - 8-12T
New Excavator Attachments
Simex CBE20 Excavator Crusher Bucket - 12-18T
New Excavator Attachments
Simex CBE30 Excavator Crusher Bucket - 18-30T
New Excavator Attachments
Simex CBE40 Excavator Crusher Bucket - 24-35T
New Excavator Attachments
Simex CBE50 Excavator Crusher Bucket - 35-50T
New Excavator Attachments
Simex ST 160 Asphalt Float
New Road Making Equipment

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