Personnel lifts are a type of aerial work platform (AWP) designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Personnel lifts perform the function of a mechanical ladder which offers greater stability than regular ladders and a larger work space.

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Sometimes referred to as people lifts, personnel lifts are easy to set up, store and can even reach heights of up to 15m. While these lifts may seem simple enough, they do still require training to ensure safe operation.

Where operation is over 11 meters high, operators will require a licence for elevated work platforms (EWP). This is a standard licence that most operators will already hold, but it's always best to make sure your operators are fully compliant.

If you are operating in a smaller facility, where manoeuvrability is paramount, a personnel lift is a great choice. Many businesses in the access equipment and material handling industries choose to operate a personnel lift over a larger scissor or boom lift because of the stability and manoeuvrability they offer. Personnel lifts are manufactured in standard, narrow and compact versions to accommodate difficult working conditions like aisles in office spaces, warehouses or factories.

Another advantage of the personnel lift, is the versatility and portable nature of this piece of equipment. As these lifts are much smaller than other lifts out there, they are much easier to transport and don't hinder workplaces like larger machines. These lifts are also easier to handle than static or powered access machinery.

Of course, the type of personnel lift you choose will determine how easy the machine is to set up, use and transport. Different models are manufactured with different fuel types and power supplies. The range includes, push-around lifts, battery operated, electric and LPG self-propelled lifts. Some personnel lifts can even be used for rough terrain, without the need for spreader plates or outriggers.

Although a small machine, the platform on a personnel lift is still big enough for two people and their tools. This is great news if you need more than one person working on the same project.

Generally, you can't go wrong with a personnel lift if you are looking to reach heights in small spaces. These machines are more cost-effective than larger machines like scissor and boom lifts. And, they are designed to meet simple access requirements in both indoor and outdoor applications.

With so many options to choose from, you can comfortably find a personnel lift to meet your requirements.