Stock pickers are used to move inventory around a warehouse or large store environments. They are an ideal choice whenever large, heavy objects need to be moved, or when items are stored higher than reachable with a ladder.

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Stock pickers generally range from a lift height of 1m to 20m, with the bulk of these sitting in the 2-10m range. They are also almost always electric-powered, though diesel or LPG models are available from some manufacturers.

Unlike pallet jacks, stock pickers are designed with a cab so the operator can stand or sit on the picker as it moves and lifts. This helps to reduce operator fatigue. The design of the cab is different between makes and models, but you can usually expect the lower-reach models to have a stationary standing cab, while higher-reach models have a sit-down cab that is raised and lowered with the stock as you move it.

Operator safety is a big concern for all companies, which is why stock pickers have been getting safer and safer over the years. Now, on almost all of the major brands or high-reaching pickers, you'll find an 'enclosed' cab (no roof, but four 'walls'), as well as safety rails and helpful features. Of course, these aren't required in many cases, especially on low-reach pickers where the operator may not even be leaving ground level throughout operation.

One of the biggest benefits of stock pickers, over traditional forklifts, is the ability to traverse long narrow aisles with ease. Generally thinner and more manoueverable, stock pickers are able to navigate your tightly packed warehouse without fear of being unable to fit. Some models are also designed specifically for warehouses where turning around isn't really an option.

Many stock pickers are able to extend the lifting platform to the side, meaning your picker can be facing side-on to the stock but still able to pick it up and move it about. This is something even high-reach forklifts are unable to do without turning around--something that may not be possible if the aisles are too narrow. In fact, some pickers also come with technology that lets the machine detect if it is too close to a shelf or aisle, letting it know it needs to make adjustments to the path. Giving your operators peace of mind when getting down aisles that are only a few mm wider than the stock picker.

Whether it's a limited-access area where only a stock picker will do, or a general warehouse, stock pickers are one of the best choices for moving pallets, bulky items and all sorts of stock from one place to another.