string(28) "browseattachments-implements" string(423) "((tag_idraw:27 OR tag_idraw:131520 OR tag_idraw:52 OR tag_idraw:187 OR tag_idraw:211 OR tag_idraw:227 OR tag_idraw:292 OR tag_idraw:460 OR tag_idraw:505 OR tag_idraw:517 OR tag_idraw:85 OR tag_idraw:1710 OR tag_idraw:131553 OR tag_idraw:134861 OR tag_idraw:136066 OR tag_idraw:131705 OR tag_idraw:131527 OR tag_idraw:102780)) AND ( ("Auger Torque"~10) OR ( (Auger* OR Auger) AND (Torque* OR Torque)) ) AND advert_status:1 "
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