7-10m telehandlers are highly versatile machines that allow access to those high, hard-to-reach places. Often telehandlers are referred to as an all-in-one solution, where they can reduce or even eliminate the need for other equipment on a worksite. This is because they replicate the function of forklifts, cranes and work platforms, where stability and load-bearing is essential.

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Generally compact in size, 7-10m telehandlers are used mainly in construction and access applications, but can also be used in farming, timber, mining and biogas sectors as well. Thanks to their range of attachments, including pallet forks, buckets, crane jibs, crane hooks, work platforms (EWP) and many more, these highly useful machines can lift, haul, move, elevate and dump with ease.

The most popular attachment for telehandlers is by far the fork carriage. The fork carriage turns the telehandler into a multi-purpose machine that lifts things like concrete blocks, steel bars, timber, industrial pipes and packages goods.

There are a range of brands that specialise in telehandlers, all with their own unique designs, load bearing capacities and maximum height/lift capacities. Finding the right one, even in the 7-10m range, still largely depends on the job and the materials being lifted or moved.