It's no surprise that tractors with front end loaders are highly popular across Australia. A front end loader is essentially 2 lifting arms with fastening devices that are fixed/attached to the front of the tractor, usually with a scoop or bucket attached to the end. It allows for easy digging, scooping and loading dirt, sand and other materials, without pushing it across the ground.

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It's no surprise that tractors with front end loaders are highly popular across Australia. Due to their design, they come in handy on commercial farms and large properties, where trenching or other digging work is required. Front end loaders are a common addition to tractors in the 50 - 200 HP range.

In saying that, front end loaders are highly popular on compact tractors under 50 HP as well. These tractors are primarily used for ground maintenance and other landscaping chores, and can be fitted with the traditional dogleg front end loader design or the curved arm design.

The great thing about tractors with front end loaders is the ability to change out the bucket for another attachment, if required. Turn your tractor into a forklift, a dozer, or a grader with the right attachment. This makes all the difference when a job comes up unexpectedly, where the switch of the attachment will help get it done, rather than investing in the purchase or hire of another speciality machine. For bale and silage work, attachments such as hydraulic grabs and spikes are essential.

When compared to other specialty machines, such as wheel loaders, tractors with front end loaders have a much lower cost while remaining highly versatile. There are a huge number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who have their own front end loader designs, some with quick couplers (also known as quick attach) that allow for swift attachment connection in a matter of minutes.

Their affordability, combined with their versatility, makes tractors with front end loaders a must-have for almost every farm or acreage. But, if your current tractor doesn't have a front end loader, don't stress! In some cases you can actually install a front end loader onto your older machines, enabling them to carry out many more tasks than they were originally created for. Of course, this isn't always the case, so be careful when looking to add a front end loader to your existing tractor.

So, if you're in the market for a tractor, having one that already comes with a front end loader could be highly beneficial and make life much easier. Especially if you have a wide range of jobs to complete on your property or commercial farm. Of course, choosing the right tractor can make or break an operation, so it's important you choose the tractor first and foremost.