Post drivers are an invaluable tool for workers on farmsteads, property owners and council workers that make the tough job of fence installation much easier. Since the first post driver was developed in 1933, these tools have aided in the installation of fencing along roads and highways, as well as on residential and commercial properties. There's a post driver for any fence installation job you may have.

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PRICE REDUCED Farm Force Series 5 High Lift Hydraulic Post Driver
PRICE REDUCED Farm Force Series 5 High Lift Hydraulic Post Driver

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Post drivers come in a range of shapes and sizes, starting from smaller handheld models, ranging up to large tractor/excavator attachments that are designed for larger, more industrial fences. Simple and easy in application and design, the post driver turns an otherwise long chore into a fast job. The handheld version is a tube with one open end, one closed end and two handles on either side. This is placed over the top of the post and, through lifting and dropping the tool, will drive the post into the ground. It sounds like a lot of work, but it's actually safer than other options, such as a post maul. This tool is a more ergonomically sustainable option due to less force required by the user and less long term damage on wrists/forearms due to its easier application.

From the basic shape, it only grows in scale where larger posts on larger properties are required. For big scale jobs using standard size posts, there are gas-powered post driver that makes the job easier and less straining. These drive the post down with the squeeze of a button, without needing to lift and drop.

As the posts get bigger, so do the post drivers. From the gas-powered handheld, the next stage up are attachments on vehicles like tractors, excavators, hydraulic cranes and skid steers. These attachments are the ideal choice for fencing contractors, landscapers, farmers and maintenance departments. Some come as crane attachments, usually hydraulically powered and put up posts as tall as the crane will go. Others are built to go straight on the back of tractors as individual attachments. Some of these can put up a five-metre tall post in less than 20 seconds. When searching for a post driver attachment, look for ones that come with openings or jaws that fit different post profiles in case you need to put up more than one kind of post.

Built to make the task of installing posts easier, it's no wonder post drivers are the tool of choice for many farmers and contractors.