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About Us

History Registered in 1977, the name ACRA Machinery has always been synonymous with the highest quality machinery and the best customer service available. Founded by the still present Owner Jeff Beable. Acra Machinery was first registered in 1977 starting out as a service business mainly repairing and maintaining Kleen press brakes and guillotines, then later all Acrabend Press Brakes and Acrashear Guillotines. It wasn’t long before many customers were asking for Jeff’s assistance in finding quality second hand machinery and seeking advice on the selection of new machinery. In 1986 Acra Machinery bought the manufacturing rights from Leeton Steel Works for all Acra products, including spare parts. It was about that time Acra Machinery became a company with the intention of continuing to build Acra Machines in Australia, however economic reality at the time made this dream impossible. However the second hand side of the business was growing larger each year, and Acra still needed a supplier of quality new machines. Acra traveled to Europe and America several times looking at all the machines available until they finally partnered with a previously unheard of Manufacturer in Turkey, Durmazlar in 1994. Since then Durmazlar has grown to be the largest Press Brake manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world, spanning an impressive 155,000 square meters of factory. They are now manufacturing over 5150 high quality machines annually. Going forward ACRA are committed to the further expansion of our range to cater for the Australian sheet metal, machine tool and steel building industry. People Team The ACRA team consists of a group of people who are driven by performance. Not only the performance of ACRA, but that of our customers, and our ability to increase their performance through the implementation of machines and services. With over 150 years of experience, the ACRA team has the know-how to assist our customers solve any problems, and meet any requirement they bring to us. Customer service is a strong suit at ACRA Machinery and we pride ourselves by on always being available and ready to assist.
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Trading Hours

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  • Tue: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  • Wed: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Herless 3.7m x 1.2mm Manual Guillotine
Used Metal Guillotine
Durmazlar Used Durma HAP 40160 Hydraulic Press Brake
Used Press Brake
Steelmaster Used 3200 x 6mm Hydraulic Guillotine
Used Metal Guillotine
Steelmaster SM-FHPB3204NC2 Hydraulic Panbrake
Used Pan Brakes & Folders
John Heine John Heine 203A series 4 Power Press
Used Press & Stamp
Steelmaster SM-BS280A Horizontal Bandsaw
Used Metal Bandsaw
Sunrise IW-80S Hydraulic Punch and Shear
Used Punch & Shears
Haco 4m x 6mm Hydraulic Guillotine.
Used Metal Guillotine
Kleen 3660 x 6mm overdriven guillotine with rear c
Used Metal Guillotine
Gabro PAC CNC Punch Press
Used Turret Punch Presses
Haco 4mtr x 200Ton Hydraulic Press Brake
Used Press Brake
Promecam 2.5Mtr x 4mm Hydraulic guillotine with Sheet Suppo
Used Metal Guillotine
With Special Tool Geometry New Jorns 8mtr x 1.5mm Slitter Folder
New Pan Brakes & Folders
Durma HAP3080 Hydraulic Press Brake
Used Press Brake
Jay-cut 2.4m x 2mm Hydraulic guillotine
Used Metal Guillotine