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About Us

Cleanquip (Finders) has over 25 years experience with Gerni and other pressure cleaning products, including a long association with Nilfisk/Alto. Cleanquip is a company whose reputation is founded on finding the correct equipment for your cleaning and waste water problems. We provide the solutions the first time; this is achieved by analysis of the problem and selection of suitable equipment for the application. If the extensive range of standard equipment offered by Cleanquip is not able to meet your needs, Cleanquip provides the option of custom built installations to meet customers' specialised requirements. Cleanquip as an environmentally aware company, ever mindful of the ongoing water restrictions in Victoria endorses the use of water saving and waste water management technology. High pressure water cleaners are classed as a water saving device and can legally be used in Victoria under Stage 2 or lower water restrictions and under Stage 3 with an exemption permit. These technologies are offered by Cleanquip and can provide water savings of up to 80 percent in many cases. It is Cleanquip's aim to provide its customers with timely, cost effective and water efficient solutions to meet their cleaning requirements.
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Kerrick VE366F Garage Detailer Carpet Extractor
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Kerrick NEW Riviera Shampoo Carpet Extractor
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Kerrick Sabrina Maxi Carpet Shampoo and Spot Cleaner
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Kerrick VE210L Lava Carpet Cleaner
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