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Javelin 3.7KW 5HP 415 Volt CGD-505/3 Submersible Grinder Water Pump 2 Inch Discharge 27M Head
New Submersible Pump
Ebara 10HP 3m40-200/7.5 Centrifugal Stainless Steel Water Pump 12/42 M/3H Max Head 57M
Soroto 120L-30 Cement Grout Pan Mortar Mixer 120 Litre 1.1 Kw 240 Volt
Siat 2010 SW2 Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine Italy Type : 16-SP-4CF+ FAMSWSEMIAUTO 240 Volt
Used Pallet Wrapping Machines
Sew .75 KW -Eurodrive SA47/T Helical-worm Reduction Drive Gearmotor 133 RPM Ratio: 11:1 Weight 23 KG
New Gearboxes & Drives
Javelin 1.1KW 415 Volt Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Water Pump JV5-8/B Italy Q 5 m/3h 51 m/Head
Graco Linelazer IV 200 HS Twin Gun Line Marker Striper with EZ bead twin Dispensers
Not Specified 1 x 12.00R x 24 18 Ply Tyre, Tube & Sleeve
New Truck Tyres
None Portable Building 3 Rooms 6.0 M x 3.1 M Site Office
Edilsider Modular Housing 9.3 m x 2.9 meter 2 Bedroom Portable Building Donga
Sew S77 Helical-worm Reduction Drive Gearmotor
New Gearboxes & Drives
Sew Eurodrive Assortment of 415 Volt Electric Reduction Boxes
Used Gearboxes & Drives
Sew FA67 Parallel Shaft Helical Reduction Drive Gearmotor
Used Gearboxes & Drives
Sew R67 Helical Reduction Drive Gearmotor
Used Gearboxes & Drives
Not Specified Extra Large Air Ram
Used Hydraulic Equipment