• December 3, 2018
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How to post multiple ads to Machines4U

How to post multiple ads to Machines4U

When you have 10 or more ads to post to our platform, posting one at a time can get tedious. This is why we have an Import Ads feature to make uploading multiple ads a breeze.

Better yet, if you include the stock ID in your CSV file, the system will first update any existing stock that matches those IDs. So you can upload and mass update your listings.

Please note, this option is available for Machines4U members only. Not a member? Check out our membership options or learn how to post single ads to Machines4U.

Here’s how to post multiple listings to Machines4U.

  1. Download our Sample Excel Multiple Ad Template (optional – you will require a spreadsheet to use our import function)
    Some quick tips on this spreadsheet:

    • You don’t have to fill in every column (although it is highly recommended you provide as much information as possible, including price)
    • You can add in your own columns if required
    • Your images don’t need to be hosted on our platform, simply copy the image location link and add to the spreadsheet
  2. Add in all your ad details into the spreadsheet. 
  3. Save your spreadsheet as a .CSV file. We recommend saving to your desktop.
  4. Go to https://www.machines4u.com.au to login to our platform.
  5. Click ‘Import Listings’.
  6. Click ‘Choose File’ and select your .CSV spreadsheet file you completed earlier.
  7. Hit ‘Upload File’.
  8. Next, select the correct information from the drop-downs on the right-hand side.
  9. If you want your listings to go live immediately after upload, tick this box.
  10. Click ‘Start Import Process’.
  11. That’s it! In 2-5 minutes, you’ll be able to view your listings under the Incomplete or Live Ads in the Content section of the dashboard.

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