Crown CG25P market details

Of all the Crown CG25P models listed 84.62% have been listed by professional machinery sellers, 15.38% by private businesses. There are currently 6 items for CG25P listed in Australia from 2 professional sellers and 1 private businesses.

Historically Crown CG25P models have been listed between $6,500 and $15,000, averaging at $11,221. The current average price of a CG25P listing is $3,125.

Crown CG25P models are historically listed by sellers in and Counterbalance Forklifts categories. Crown CG25P models make up % of historic Counterbalance Forklifts enquiries, and % of all Crown enquiries.

The most common years of Crown CG25P manufacture listed are: .

Buyers who enquired on Crown CG25P models have also recently enquired on:
genelite GC130CS
wadkin DN175
Nissan PLO2A25U
Toyota 42-7FG1.8
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