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Hubtex   Sideloader Forklift
Hubtex Sideloader Forklift

Used $5,000 Ex GST


Hubtex 4T (6m Lift, 3-Stg Mast) Multi-Direction LPG DQ45-G Forklift
Hubtex 2012 DQ30G - ALL DIR 3000 KG WITH SPREADER
Used Forklift Truck
Hubtex side loader DQ45G
Used Forklift Truck
Hubtex Side Loader Excellent Condition
Hubtex Refurbished Multi-Directional Forklift
Hubtex MQ35 Reach Forklift Forklift
Used Forklift Truck
Hubtex Electric Multidirectional Forklifts - MQ Series
Hubtex DQ30
Used Forklift Truck
Hubtex DQ30
Used Forklift Truck
Hubtex MQ40 - Refurbished with a genuine 4000kg
Used Forklift Truck
Hubtex DQ 30 Multidirectional Forklifts - As new, low hour, latest model units available now
Used Forklift Truck
Hubtex DQ-30-G Multi Directional For Sale
Hubtex 2-Way Forklift Side loaders
New Forklift Truck
Hubtex Very good condition used side loader
Used Forklift Truck

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