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Kdt 832 Front loading
New Beam Saw
Kdt 465 Edgebander with corner rounding 2015 model
Kdt Edgebander -360
Kdt Near new 365 Edgebander. Fast, accurate
Kdt Flat Bed 3640 x 1220mm
Kdt Flat Bed 3660 x 1260mm auto load /unload
Kdt Unbeatable value. Flat bed and Edgebander package
New CNC Machines
Kdt Flat Bed 2440 x 1220mm .Unmatched value
New CNC Machines
Kdt Flat Bed 3620 x 1820mm. Unmatched value
Kdt Fast, robust 320 Edgebander
Used Edgebanders
Kdt Near new 2440 X 1220MM CNC
Kdt Solid well proven Edgebander - ideal for a start-up.PRICE REDUCED- BARGAIN!
Kdt 465M Edgebender
Used Edgebanders
Kdt 6 Sided through feed borer with routing
New CNC Machining Centre

"Very good"

Equipment Sold: Kdt KDT 465 Edgebander with corner rounding 2015 model
Location: VIC

"Pretty good leads."

Equipment Sold: Kdt KDT automatic edgebander 325M Edgebanders
Location: NSW

"It worked well."

Equipment Sold: Kdt KDT 300 Edgebander Edgebanders
Location: VIC

"really good to use and very successful tool for selling machinery."

Equipment Sold: Kdt Edgebander KDT 420M Edgebanders
Location: VIC


Equipment Sold: Kdt KDT 150 EDGEBANDER Edgebanders
Location: VIC


Equipment Sold: Kdt 420M Edgebanders
Location: VIC

"happy with it!"

Equipment Sold: Kdt 360 Edgebanders
Location: NSW
3200mm high precision heavy duty saw
Panel Saw
New | $10,945
5 sided Through-feed boring - with routing
Throughfeed CNC Borer
New | $88,660
Flat bed 2760 x 1260mm auto load, unload and label
Flatbed Nesting CNC
New | $142,395
Beam Saw
New | $153,010
Rear load Beamsaw. Twin Pushers. KS838H
Beam Saw
New | $167,970
Flat Bed 3060 x 2150mm. Auto label, load, unload
Flatbed Nesting CNC
New | $188,177
Kdt Flat Bed 3060 x 2150mm
Flatbed Nesting CNC
New | $120,197
Twin independent head. Through feed boring 5 sides with routing
Woodworking CNC Machines
New | $108,790
6 sided boring and Face routing. Throughfeed CNC
Throughfeed CNC Borer
New | $100,210
Kdt Flat Bed 4260 x 2150mm
Flatbed Nesting CNC
New | $142,670
5 side boring, face routing CNC throughfeed . High speed
Throughfeed CNC Borer
New | $80,080
Flat Bed 4260 x 2150 Auto load unload
Flatbed Nesting CNC
New | $176,880
2760 X 1240 mm Flat Bed. Feature rich - unmatched value
Flatbed Nesting CNC
New | $102,575
Flat Bed 4260 x 2150mm auto label, load, unload
Flatbed Nesting CNC
New | $227,480
Flat bed 3060mm x 2150mm Auto load. Unload
Flatbed Nesting CNC
New | $149,842