1962 was the year Virutex was introduced to the market scene and since then it hasn't stopped surprising a lot of consumers. You can say that they have pretty much overachieved in one way or another and it has earned a first rate reputation when it comes to quality, reliability, durability, and everything in between. All these were possible because of its utilisation of the latest technology together with the employment of stringent quality control when it comes to safety, design, and production.

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Virutex Trimmer FR192N By
New Edgebanders
Virutex ONE LEFT ONLY!!!!!!!! PAE85T Corner Rounding Machine
New Edgebanders
Virutex EB140 Edgebander Single Phase
Virutex Used 140 - single phase edgebander
Virutex Single phase edgebander
Virutex FR256N Edge Trimming Set
New Edgebanders
Virutex FR292R Electronic Tiltable Trimmer
New Edgebanders
Virutex Mortising milling machine FC116U
New Mortiser
Virutex Edgebander, cabinet making, woodworking.
Used Edgebanders
Virutex Edge Bander
Used Edgebanders
Virutex 240 volt mitre saw for aluminium
New Aluminium Saws
Virutex Corner Trimmer FR117N by
New Edgebanders
Virutex 125mm Sander Orbital Rotary RTE86H by
New Sander
Virutex SPR770T Clamping Support With Wheels
New Clamp & Welding Tables
Virutex FRE317S Tiltable Router
New Overhead Routers


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