Loaders are heavy machines used in the construction industry to move materials across job sites. They're a tractor-type machine with many variations on the market including, wheeled loaders, tracked loaders, crawler loaders, backhoe loaders, front-end loaders and mini loaders to name but a few.

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Generally, loaders are known for being durable and versatile machines that can withstand transporting heavy loads of materials like dirt, debris, asphalt, gravel, logs, rock, sand and wood chips. Each of these machines can be used for a range of applications thanks to the variety of attachments available. They're built with good lifting capacity, weight handling and traction control technology, making them ideal for moving across construction sites.

To achieve the lifting and handling capacity needed, loaders are commonly designed with diesel engines. The diesel engine provides the machine with the power required for small to large construction sites. Some engines can output up to 700hp, while smaller models can achieve 49hp or less. Of course, when considering your loader it's not only important to look at the horsepower but also the attachments the machine is compatible with.

Generally, loaders can be fitted with different sized buckets as well as hay and silage handling spikes, bull blades, post hole diggers, stump grinders, grapples and more. Being able to change these attachments means that the loader can turn into an all-in-one machine to suit just about any project. However, loaders are mainly used for lifting and moving materials not digging as they generally won't reach the same depths as other machines suited to this type of work. While there is a lot of versatility with the attachments available you will need to consider the work you are completing when making your decision.

Of the different types of loaders available, wheeled loaders are the most common. These machines are equipped with four wheels, making them perfect for manoeuvring across even ground such as paved areas, grass or concrete. The wheels also provide better mobility and speed without damaging the ground, although they do have less traction. Tracked loaders, on the other hand, tend to be better on rough terrains that are muddy or uneven. But, they are often slower and not as mobile as the wheeled machines. Either way, you will find machines of all sizes and brands available.

Some of the most popular brands for loaders include, Caterpillar, Komatsu, CASE, New Holland, Volvo and Kawasaki. Prices do vary depending on the model, condition and attachments included in the sale, so it's important to know what you're looking for when doing your research.